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Pokémon GO: The best attackers for the new Kanto Cup, which starts on Monday

In Pokémon GO's PvP combat league, the Kanto Cup starts, in which well-known monsters are the focus. Which ones are worth fighting for?

Pokémon GO: This is how strong Knakrack becomes with earth forces

The Community Day in June with Kaumalat brings the attack earth forces for its development Knakrack. How strong will it get in Pokémon GO?

Crypto currency Pika wants to be the next Dogecoin - Pokémon fans already get annoyed

A new cryptocurrency is looking for proximity to Pikachu and Pokémon: Some Pokémon fans are hoping that Nintendo will sue them and block them.

Pokémon GO: Leak for GO Fest 2021 shows that you have less time this year

The GO Fest 2021 will run in Pokémon GO in July. A leak now shows the event times. You have less time than last year.

Pokémon GO will be distributing a large EP bonus again from Tuesday and bringing new Shiny

The Rocket Challenge was completed in Pokémon GO. For you there are triple XP, Shiny Galar-Zigzachs and Galar-Zigzachs-Raids.

Pokémon GO: This is exactly how Community Day with Kaumalat works in June

The official information about the Pokémon GO Community Day with Kaumalat in June 2021 is now known. Here you can find out everything about the event.

Pokémon GO: We asked you how much money you spend in the game - here is the result

In our survey, we wanted to know from you how much money you spend in Pokémon GO. Over 4,600 people voted.

Pokémon GO brings big changes to Team Rocket with 3 new Crypto-Shinys

Team GO Rocket in Pokémon GO has had a few new features, including new Crypto Pokémon and Shinys that you can catch.

Pokémon GO: Defeat Rocket Boss Cliff - The best counterattacks in the guide

We show you the best counterattacks against Team Rocket Boss Cliff in Pokémon GO here. We updated it on May 19th.

Pokémon GO: Defeat Rocket Boss Sierra - The best counterattacks in the guide

In Pokémon GO, the rocket boss Sierra can be quite difficult to defeat. We'll show you the best counterattacks against Sierra.