The content of my Facebook page is growing

Facebook for Small Business Owners: More Likes, More Customers!

As a company, it is now considered good form to have your own Facebook page on the social network. You only realize afterwards how much work and time such a fan site requires. We'll show you how to best use your Facebook page to attract even more visitors to your own website or to lead them straight to the restaurant.

A network like Facebook relies on personal contact:

Direct contact with the target group is the top priority for a founder. A virtual and social network like Facebook can support you in reaching your target group directly.

But just setting up your Facebook company page is not enough. Such a network also needs to be maintained. In this article, we will show you step by step how best to proceed.

Explain to visitors what to expect on your Facebook page:

To do this, click on the link “Edit Page Info”. In the left column, you will now see address fields, questions about the founder, and the time of foundation. You can publish your products, awards or even mission goals.

Tip: State professional associations in which you work. Preferably with a link on their Facebook page. If you have certain brands in your assortment, please also indicate them with a link on their Facebook profile.

Create your Facebook page!

Is your Facebook page still running on the back burner? Then it's high time to pimp her! Because your company page on Facebook, like any website, is primarily a visual tool. With a few high quality photos and the inclusion of a video, you can make your site look good. The interplay of a large-format cover picture and a small, matching profile picture makes a visual impression.

Tip: Make sure that your cover photo complies with Facebook guidelines. For example, advertisements like “Get XX% discount now” or “Download now from our website!” Are not allowed. to accommodate in the picture. The guidelines can be read directly on Facebook.

Create resources

Now you've already made the effort and created a Facebook page, so don't let it go after just a few weeks because you won't find the time to take care of it anymore.

Think in advance about when, how often and by whom the Facebook page will be maintained. Because this is not a flash in the pan.

Set milestones for your social media activities

Do not place too high demands on the fan masses: In fact, German Facebook pages are growing quite slowly. As a study by Fanpage Karma found, half of the 60,000 Facebook pages analyzed grew no faster than 0.62 percent per week. That means, for example, for a site with 100 fans that it only gains 9 new fans a month. The top 10 percent of the sites examined, on the other hand, grew about 9 percent in one month. For you this means: Set realistic goals and pursue them consistently.

Tip: Are you unsure because you don't know exactly what growth is realistic for your Facebook page? Then take a look at your competition, this can be a good guide. The target group statistics from Facebook are very helpful for this.

The magic words are liking and commenting - growth through engagement on Facebook

It's time to get active in the network: Use the power of the status bar on your Facebook company page! Post news and advice regularly. These messages will appear on your fans' profiles. Also look for relevant posts for you on other sites in order to comment and like them.

How many posts should you post?

A uniform standard is essential: only post when you have something to say. Statistically, you are well on average with one post per day. Too many posts in too short intervals can have a negative impact on fan development.

When is the best time to post?

Basically, do not post when you have the time, but when the fans have time to get their information. Fans are mostly active on Facebook in their free time.
The best posting times are accordingly early in the morning on the way to work, shortly before the lunch break or at 5 p.m. at the end of the day. Use a test series of posts to check when you trigger the most interactions (likes, shares and comments) with users.

Keep an eye on the engagement rate

Above all, it is the activities of your fans that make your site a success. The so-called engagement rate, i.e. the average number of likes, comments and shares per fan, supports you in this. Basically, the higher the engagement rate, the higher the growth. On average, that goes for both the best and mediocre Facebook Pages.

By giving your fans a reason to share your content, the rate increases when they do. Put yourself in your target group's position to develop post ideas. Use these characteristics strategically and highlight them on Facebook.
Share pictures of real people, like your customers or your employees. You can use nostalgic feelings to your advantage. In addition, create picture galleries in which you can present a limited offer in an interesting way or create a good company video of yourself.

Interaction with the fans

Many social media managers argue that interacting with your own fans is more important than growing your Facebook page. In order to tease more interactions from your fans with your next posts, you can consider the following points:

  1. Most interactions are with questions and images.
  2. Posts with less than 50 characters get more engagement than long posts.
  3. YouTube videos on Facebook work worse than uploaded videos on Facebook.
  4. Most of the interactions are for posts published between 10pm and midnight. Sunday is the best day for lots of interactions.

Is Facebook expensive as an advertising platform?

There are two types of Facebook advertising: standard ads and sponsored messages.

The standard display always works according to the following pattern:
Title, destination url, image and text
It can be linked to an external website or directly to your company page.

The click-through rates of ads that link to a Facebook page are often better than links to an external website. The “Like” button is simply clicked more often than the URL address in an ad.

Sponsored messages:
The sponsored messages that Facebook introduced in addition to the standard advertisements are considered an "extended news feed". Posts on Facebook can be advertised here in order to not only reach your current readers, but also potentially new readers. The sponsored messages or sponsored posts always relate to a Facebook page to be advertised and are dependent on the recommendations of users. The success depends on the various interactions (shares, likes, comments) carried out by the fans on the advertised Facebook page.

Content is king - what should be in your posts

Creating relevant and exciting content at the same time is your main business when you take care of your Facebook company page. Danger! Here, too, there are a few things to consider:

A good post is short and sweet
Even when quickly scrolling through the news feed, fans must be able to capture the main message in a Facebook post. Combine your post with a suitable picture or link so that you can attract the attention of your fans and not get lost in the daily flood of postings. Use a maximum of 80 characters, then your text will have an ideal length.

What content works on Facebook?

Here you have to try it out. Find out, for example, whether the content about your company can best be presented in a video or in a photo gallery with a customized design. Based on the reaction from users, you will quickly notice what is popular. It is only important that the content fits the philosophy of your company. Make sure that not every post leaves an advertising impression for your company, so that you don't get on your readers' nerves.

We hope that we could clear up the “Facebook madness” for you. Don't keep your fans waiting any longer, start now with your own Facebook page. =)