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Who Can Sing Really Well?

19.08.2004 14:59
Tach ... I just wanted to know who can really still sing well? With the many bands cast nowadays.

So when I hear the voices of Britney Spears and Kübelböck, my heart doesn't exactly warm to me. : - /

Amy from Evenescence or the good girl from Secret Garden, they have great voices ...
19.08.2004 15:20
Christina Aguilera, Thicke, Aretha Franklin (but that's nothing new), ...
19.08.2004 15:45
also find christina aguilera
otherwise jueliette (but still doesn't like her), whitney housten, mareya carey, ...
19.08.2004 15:46
Chester Bennington, Amy Lee, Christina Aguilera as well, Alicia Keys, Xavier Naidoo
19.08.2004 21:52
So Melanie Thornton totally touches me! Be it with projects back then like 100%, La Bouche or later under your own name.
Unfortunately this woman stepped away from us much too early: - [

And otherwise - hmm - difficult ...
So Amy from Evanescence touched me too and Whitney Houston touched me too (but only the earlier stuff).

I can't think of male voices spontaneously.
But above all I like clear, bright voices. Anastacia, for example, certainly has a world-class voice - but didn't touch me because it is often too "scratchy".
20.08.2004 13:49
in her old songs it was worse, but with the new songs by anastacia (sick and tired) I don't find it sung so scratchy anymore;)
21.08.2004 02:28
Xavier Naidoo, Tiziano ferro, Aventura think I sing very GOOD !!!
22.08.2004 14:26
here people who can really sing. i don't want to say that i hear them all but they have good voices
here are my favorites:
ofra haza was awesome
sushela raman
cecilia bartolli
joan baez
tina turner

other good texts:
nina hagen
natacha atlas
purple downs
ceasria evore
angelique kidjo

the men:
cheb mami
mory edge
jahnny clegg
jonny long

there is sure to be more but Christina Aguilera is not one of them and mareya carey is just terrible. I always have the feeling that she can't hold a tone.
so, christina aguilera is definitely one of them, she has one of the best voices ever ... and i don't like carey either, horror ...
22.08.2004 16:13
I think they can sing well: Elton John, Bonnie Tylor, Whitney Houston (the old songs), Cher, Linkin Park
08.09.2004 19:53
So d christina aguilera esch full gäil, red hot chili peppers send au mega COOL !!!! XTINA FOREVER
No question; the chili peppers are mega cool, but Anthony Kiedis is always a risk live - he often sings so next to the notes that it does wh !!
Christina Aguilera
Celine Dion
Alicia Keys
Lauryn Hill
Amy / Evanescence
Whitney Houston
and ... JOSS STONE! What the young lady can already do is remarkable ...
08.09.2004 22:16
The best seger I am imerno beautifuli grow zame and hebes guet; D; D; D
14.10.2004 21:07
Freddie Mercury (Queen)
Bela B. (The doctors)
Matthew Bellamy (Muse)
Gary Cherone (Extreme / partly Van Halen)
James LaBrie (Dream Theater)
Meat loaf
With the men, I also think Anthony Kiedis ... He's not that far off the tones on the live album in my opinion;)
14.10.2004 22:58
Hm .. I really wouldn't call him here now.
15.10.2004 08:29
15.10.2004 13:38
What do you all have with Christina Aguilera? I was at their live concert. That was horrible ...: o it was almost like a shame, I was really disappointed and even went from the front seats to the back.
On the other hand, Mariah Carey was amazing! Live as if it were on CD! By the way, she can also hold notes. ;)
15.10.2004 16:39
Alicia Keys clearly has the best voice! she more than convinced me at her concerts in zurich and locarno, her songs have a lot more feeling live than on cd, really blew me away ...

otherwise joss stone also has a good voice and so does christina aguilera, even if she doesn't hit the notes that often;)
and i think jael von lunik is also really great, her voice is awesome ...

in my opinion, chad kroeger is clearly the best among men! the singers from creed and seether are also very good!
15.10.2004 17:08
Have seen Lunik live and I thought it was pretty bad.
hi Guys,
whether someone who can sing oda well is purely a matter of opinion ....
but have a good voice:
Mr. James Dougles Morrison (The Doors)
Bon Scott (AC / DC)
Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden)
James Hettfield (Metallica)
when I hear them, I immediately get goose bumps !!!!!!!! ; D
15.10.2004 18:19
Oh, I totally forgot about Bon Scott. Great singer.
Bruce is not always great, but also very good.
18.10.2004 12:31
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHRISTINA AGUILERA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!
18.10.2004 15:09
I also like REM's voice. Something different. Kind of interesting. :)
20.10.2004 14:40
Tina Turner and Cher have the best votes.
20.10.2004 18:14
20.10.2004 18:24
Certainly Christina Aguilera, Pink, Lara Fabian, Celine Dion,
Areetha Franklin, Lauren Hill, Tina Arena, Natasha Bedingfield,
Annie Lennox, Patricia Kaas, Helene Segara, Laura Pausini,
Kelly Clarckson, Alicia Keys, Anastacia.
For men: Xavier Naidoo, Bono, Lee from BLUE, Max Mutzke, Robbie Williams, Michael Stipe.
Technically he may not be the best singer, but there is something about his voice that few have; Expression and charisma!

13.11.2004 23:43
So I always associate a live concert with good singing ... there you can see or hear the quality of the voice, whether it really has as much value as on CD ...

1. Laura Pausini: sounds live, like on CD, i.e. very clean and controlled voice

2. The Corrs: these criteria too

This includes years of experience and practice ...
14.11.2004 21:44
Marc Storace - Crocus
Rod steward
Freddy Mercury -Queen
Hansi Kürsch - Blind Guardian

Avril Levigne (au know, how does it spell?)
Whitney Houston (wastes her voice in boring tralala sauce)
Jana Groß (Bell Book & Candle)
15.11.2004 07:17
@Suzi Q.
For a Queen fan there is nothing worse than writing Freddy instead of Freddie. ;)
15.11.2004 09:17
The following come to mind so spontaneously:

Bob Catley (Magnum) captivates the audience with charisma
Marco Hietala (Tarot / Nightwish) convinces with unbridled power
Timo Kotipelto (Stratovarius), great intonations, especially on his solo albums
Ronnie Atkins (Pretty Maids), just plain strong and convincing
Ronnie James Dio, the master of the older generation
Jeff Scott Soto (Talisman, Axel Rudi Pell .....), varied like no other

Ana Johnson, the girl is awesome
Amanda Marshall, very strong undervalued singer
Delta Goodrem, I just like it that way.
Tarja Turunen (Nightwish), something different
Cristina Scabbia (Lacuna Coil), captivating
Really good voices from the women ALICIA KEYS CHristina Aguilera, Aretha Franklin, with the men ..... well Xavier Naidoo and freddie mercury others don't come to my mind .....
-Whitney Houston
-Mariah Carey
-Juliette Schoppmann
-Christina Aguilera
-Alicia Keys
-Celine Dion !!!!
27.11.2004 11:28
Christina auguilera and lauri vo the rasmus
28.11.2004 02:11
jacko rules the world !!!!
28.11.2004 10:59
thom yorke; weak but true
28.11.2004 19:25
JoJo, Andread (The Corrs), Bow Wow
28.11.2004 19:25
JoJo, Andread (The Corrs), Bow Wow
10.12.2004 14:23
First I write who is dead bad:
Mariah Carey
Christina Aguilera

The KELLYS have great votes !!!!!
and many others ;)
27.01.2005 13:38
Embarrassing how you have to write Michael Jackson down in all threads. > :(
27.01.2005 22:50
@I'm, yes the kellys sing really well, about as good as peach weber :-)
27.01.2005 23:34
29.01.2005 18:09
okay, after schnappi;) alicia keys simply has the best voice. christina aguilera also has a cool voice that she can use really well (walk away)
mariah carey and celine dion (puke ... choking) scream too much for me and anastacia isn't really that great either
xavier can sing really well from the men but the best voice (emphasis is on voice) has rule, really nice smoky, fits perfectly with his music ;-)
01.02.2005 14:38
: P
Eminem, when I hear that name I get BAD !!! Just like him in one of his videos with a song !!!!!!!!!!!!
01.02.2005 14:40
Alexander has a beautiful voice !!
05.02.2005 20:22
05.02.2005 22:01
Brian Adams and Mario Pacchioli and a few who have already been mentioned
06.02.2005 00:01
who can sing really well?
go to southern countries (also east) where there is more singing than ours and listen to restaurant kitchens or something like that ..... you would be amazed who can sing best ....
06.02.2005 10:35
Alsdower thinks Avril Lavinge has a great voice, he has never heard it live! that cruel!
Shakira and Shania Twain, on the other hand, have a great vote!
06.02.2005 10:57
I sure don't ...; D: D;)
06.02.2005 20:49
Bon Scott ACDC
Axl W. Rose; D; D; D Guns N Roses
and de Campino or like de singer
vo de Tozen Hosen means au! : P
06.02.2005 23:12
Alicia Keys
Joss Stone
Xavier Naidoo

I heard and saw Alicia Keys live and that was absolutely awesome. Her voice and how she plays the piano.
I also saw Shakira live and that blew me away. she has a very special voice (which probably not everyone likes), but it touches me a lot and the whole show was great.
I think Joss Stone is just great. 17 and a voice like that ... awesome.
and xavier naidoo probably has the most beautiful male voice there is.
Actually, they can all sing well. There are tens of millions of people who can sing well. So that cannot be the guarantee for success.
It's more about being a personality and making honest music. Only that is credible. That is why the music, pop, super and what they are all called stars are pooping off by the dozen. That is too constructed and artificial, inauthentic and a lie.
There are even people who can't even sing particularly well and who made it. So Messrs. Dylan, Young, Anderson and a few others would have been kicked out with kettledrums and trumpets at every casting in the first round ...
07.02.2005 16:19
12.02.2005 17:35
christina is the best I know and she will always be the best in the world no matter what: - *
Jennifer Rush ofcourse !!!

... and Sarah Brightman
12.02.2005 20:00
Indeed, many can "sing well", but for me personally really good singers are those who manage to give goose bumps down my spine.

These include B .:

Mary J. Blige,
Erykah Badu,
Joss Stone (such a voice at 17! Incredible!)
Chaka Khan,
Oleta Adams,
Alison Moyet
and especially
Déborah (also singer with Sens Unik)!

I find it a little more difficult with men.

George Michael,
Mick Hucknall,
Bill Withers,
Hall & Oates,
Paolo Conte (goose bumps - although, objectively speaking, he sings less "well"),
Max Mutzke can do it too,
and then an amazing goose bumps voice:
Rick Astley.

I like Xavier Naidoo's voice too, but in most cases I find his music so extremely crazy that it is difficult for me to pay attention to the beautiful voice.

12.02.2005 22:47
with the girls I have to add:

marta jandova (the happy)
sandra nazic (ex-guano apes)
Stefanie Klos (Silbermond)

The voices rock xtreme !!!!!!!!!!! I've heard them all live;)
12.02.2005 23:43
I think J.Lo is awesome too: :)
13.02.2005 16:32
What exactly? Her voice or her butt? 8th-)
19.02.2005 15:52

personally i really like the voice of anthony kiedis !! although on the live album he really doesn't hit the right note sometimes, especially with the song "otherside" !!!
but maybe that's exactly what makes me love his voice !! because it is just not perfect, which one is it? that's just a matter of taste! some are totally into x-tina, others just agree with anthony kiedis, like me !! But you have to leave something to anthony, at least he sings live, which you can't say about many stars anymore! and i don't even think it's so important that the voice always has to be in the foreground, the song itself and the music have to be right somehow !! and that always applies to the chili peppers !!
no star can really please EVERYONE !!

red hot chili peppers (especially anthony kiedis;)) 4-ever !!!!!!
03.03.2005 17:44
Hey, it's about a video from Whitney. she has such puffy hair and it takes place in front of such a roman backdrop ...... and she has two (background) singers with her ..... and in the song something like that comes up at some point "all i want" is also older and I think relatively unknown ..... can someone tell me which song by Whitney Houston it is? is really important ... would be really nice .....: - *
04.03.2005 20:18
Blair Late
Brian McFadden
Shane Filan
Marc Terenzi
Ronan Keating
Nick Carter and more
Duncan James
07.03.2005 11:57
Christina Aguilera
07.03.2005 16:57
07.03.2005 17:13

yes there he is avenging, whitney houston cha good singing, you agree is really awesome, but beware of what you it is gsi !!!
07.03.2005 17:22
Ronnie James Dio
Richard Ashcroft
12.03.2005 20:21
When I hear Eminem`s voice I always get goose bumps and my heart is warm. He can sing so well, indescribable! I also like Britney Spears, Daniel K., DJ BOBO, DJ ötzi and Dieter Bohlen.

PS: I am not an alcoholic !!! Rofal and lol
13.03.2005 15:08
So the best voices are sure to have:

ALICIA KEYS & BEYONCE` !!!!!!!!!!!!! : o WOW !!!!!!!

It knocks you down really smoothly!
13.03.2005 20:00
clearly linda perry (4non blondes, her biggest hit was "what's up") !!!!!!
Xavier Naidoo, Florence Joy
14.03.2005 09:17
Norah Jones can sing, but she's just making the wrong music!
14.03.2005 10:48
The best voice you can find on the music market today is almost certainly Brandon Boyd from Incubus! Not only that he is absolutely convincing live and on record, there is hardly anyone else who can sing so powerfully but also gently. And he does not have to "press" the notes that are rather high for a man.

I also like Eddie Vedder very much, but his voice has suffered a bit in recent years - the wild style of TEN and VS is no longer there.

Scott Weiland of the Stone Temple Pilots and now Velvet Revolver should also be mentioned. He's got an incredible spectrum; from powerful rocking to jazzy vocals, he brings everything - better to hear on STP.

By the way, Büne Huber from Patent Ochsner is also an extraordinarily talented singer in my ears!

And Steven Tyler from Aerosmith. He also has a very fine feel for the right melodies!

I can't judge women as much, but I would certainly mention Alicia Keys as well. Certainly not Xtina - with her the singing really seems like she wanted to impress you and forgot to concentrate on singing. And not Lumidee either - she probably has by far the worst female voice. Why do you give it a microphone? She probably said a lot of other things before she finally got the mic. I have to stop now or I'll have another seizure ...

Ah, luckily, this is about the good singers! : D
14.03.2005 11:21
Wow, flyguy! congratulations, you're the only one who mentioned Eddie Vedder and Scott Weiland! Not to be forgotten are of course Chris Cornell from "Soundgarden" and now "Audioslave" and of course one of the best rock singers: Layne Staley from "Alice in Chains" & "Mad Season", unfortunately deceased but difficult to reach. Be sure to have a listen! Further tips: "Jack the Ripper", "Kyuss" (for lovers of rough voices) or of course "Nazareth".

Nora Jones is definitely one of the better singers in her genre. Jewel and Heather Nova are also not to be missed. Rock ladies are few and far between. Melissa auf der Maur is one of the best there. Secret tip: "M.A.S.S." , Justine Berry has an impressive voice, so named rock brats like Avril Lavigne can wrap up their mic.

You should ask around more in the alternative area. You will be surprised how many good bands there are in this world that are unfortunately ignored by our Swiss radios ...
14.03.2005 20:36
male beings with beautiful (or hot;)) voices:

Glenn Danzig (Danzig, Misfits, Samhain ...)
Chris Cornell (Soundgarden)
Daniel Johns (Silverchair)
Johnny Cash
Ian Astbury (The Cult)
Karl Willets (Bolt Thrower)
Layne Staley and Jerry Cantrell (Soundgarden)

female beings:

Karyn Crisis (Crisis)
Courtney Love

I agree with you

nelly furtado

Super. if you were listening live het know hopefully what i mean :)
ok ...

give me min comment au no;) ...

but denka as are not d voices where on beschta singa könd but rather d voices where special are ...

aaliyah (like an angel)
alicia keys
anastacia (heri music well, but that's right ... no zwiefel)
mariah (no comment on music and private life)
erykah badu
lauryn hill
aretha franklin
angie stone
christina aguilera (I am afraid it is screaming)

hey the list can be infinite ...

but so far everything is wiiblich gsi ... just more multifaceted;) ...

but au male voice gits guati, wia e.g.

chris martin vo coldplay
stevie wonder


yo ok slowly ds a lot ...
24.03.2005 17:35
Germany can be extremely proud of SARAH CONNOR !! Finally the rest of the world sees that we have something to offer too!

Alicia Keys and Christina Aguilera have it all too and the rough voices of Macy Gray and K * maro are just super sexy!

The worst singers are Yulia and Lena from t.a.t.u. and dumb Carey. They whine like young dogs!
24.03.2005 21:42
so I think the best voices have:
for women:
britney spears, christina, anastacia ....
for men:
joel (from good charlotte) biloli joe armstrong (from green day)
brian mcfadden ....
there are of course many more ......
ps: the britney has a very good voice sounds stupid, and i'm not a fan of her, but whoever has heard her sing live knows that she really has a fantastic voice ... so much for that
25.06.2005 18:18
Who is really best at it is

Michael Jackson

THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 11
Cindy Lauper, Marie Fredrikson (Roxette), Dido, Shania Twain, Anastacia, Céline Dion, Alicia Keys, Mel C, Cher,
Alison Moyet, Brian Adams, Rod Stewart, Cliff Richard, Elton John, Kurt Nilsen, Bee Gees, Blue, Westlife, BSB, Boyzone, The Corrs ...
06.07.2005 14:27
For me they are clear
Daniel Johns (Silverchair)
and Amy Lee (Evanescence) :)
and i; D
Since I sing a lot myself. And how are you supposed to do it without self-confidence? : :)

I'm sorry for Mariah Carrey because I think she could sing much better in the past. Now suddenly it sounds so "voiceless" sometimes: /
06.07.2005 14:39
Bushido, Kurt Cobain, Stephan Weidner;
06.07.2005 21:31
Michael Jackson
Elvis Presley
Prince (I don't know, but I think it fits his music perfectly. He's funky !!)
Celine Dion
Tina Turner
Whitney Houston
Freddy Mercury
Xavier Naidoo
Sarah Connor
Max Mutzke (no shit!)

06.07.2005 21:33
I actually forgot R. Kelly !!!!!
06.07.2005 21:56
no one mentioned d chantal kreviazuk ... iri lieder so scho sooo often used as a soundtrak ... :)
06.07.2005 23:30
if you ask me, black people like 50cent, usher, nelly, destiny's child (beyonce !!!!!!!!!) etc. can sing best. ;): D
07.07.2005 21:14

Daniel Küblböck
it can not be helped....
07.07.2005 21:32
Who can sing really well can only be judged after you've heard the people live.

Can sing well without a doubt:

Barbara Streisand
Elton John
Joss Stone
Whitney Houston
George Michael
Cliff Richard
Bon Jovi

and certainly many more. 8th-)
08.07.2005 21:10
Boaaaaaaaaaa eyyyyyyyyyyy Beyoncé Giselle Knowles !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for 3 years a beyoncé & Destiny`s Child fan is not geilllllllllllllllllll ............ 50 cents and whole g-unit clique of course !!!!!!!!!!!!! !! 4 EVER hip-hp & RnB Love BEYONCÈ !! ;): D
09.07.2005 14:49

Bon Scott +
Meat loaf
Freddy Mercury +
Roger Gilmore
David Coverdale
Ian Anderson (Yes)
Frank Zappa +
Marc Storace (crocus)

10.07.2005 20:25
Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley !! Berry White and Vonda Shephard also have a great voice!
11.07.2005 09:12
12.07.2005 13:58
Curt Cobain of Nirvana! He's already dead, but he had a great voice! :)
13.07.2005 13:57
so people

Mariah is the best singer ever .. So she has 5 octaves voice.
Christina Aguilera has a 4 octave voice
Whitney houston has 3 octaves voice ...

Can't mariah hold the notes ???? Heeelllooo she's for the longest held tone in Guinness Records .... !!!!
13.07.2005 22:55
Robbie Williams is the best singer on earth.
Followed closely by Eros Ramazzotti.

There are several female singers who can sing well:
Christina Aguilera, Shakira, Whitney Houston, Senead O'Conner and Tina Turner
16.07.2005 10:35

So I think
Bon Scott
Bruce Dickinson have great voices !!
but that's all a matter of taste who can sing and who can't !!
otherwise I find that
alicia keys
senead O'Conner
but whitney houston has the best voice of women !!!
18.07.2005 10:56
I tell you mo wat yes?
So who's awesome to sing; christina aguilera, whitney houston and mariah carey!
i was oh uf there christina aguilera concert .... she has the amazing voice! what do you want?
you get goosebumps when you hear them!
some really have no taste!
so .................. bye :)
18.07.2005 11:03
I used to have almost the same voice as britney yeaH
27.07.2005 16:14
So I think Kelly Clarckson and Anastacia are the best. The two voices can easily be recognized among thousands.
27.07.2005 16:31

27.07.2005 18:49
I don't even know what kind of taste you all have, but for me people like michaek jakson and co are totally the fucking ......................... ........
nowadays one can no longer judge whether a singer has a good voice because everything is fooled in the studio yes ...............
Almost everyone can sing but what counts is the individuality of the voice ........... !!!!!!!!!!!!
if someone can sing then most of them almost all hear each other just because you hit the notes ..........
if a voice hits the notes and sounds different from most of the others, then only then can you really sing !!!!!!!!!!!
28.07.2005 19:12
@ the queen

Michael Jackson has been able to sing since he was a little boy and then no one has to show up here and claim that Michael Jackson cannot sing. You are exactly one of those people who have absolutely no idea about M. Jackson! Listen to old songs like "Abc", "I Want You Back", Shake your Body (Down the Ground) or the masterpieces Billie Jean and Beat it. The songs, for example, were produced without somehow messing around with the voice in the studio and you can hear Michael Jackson really singing, awesome!
28.07.2005 19:26
29.07.2005 13:59
@ A Smooth Criminal

I agree with you 100%. :)

And besides, he masters his voice incredibly well.
He can also sing very high and very low ... I love his voice !!!
29.07.2005 14:03
29.07.2005 15:23
29.07.2005 22:38

Definitely with the men:
Michael Jackson !! Crazy voice (sorry folks, but the colored people simply have the better voices!), Otherwise for me they include the likes of Joe Cocker, Rod Steward, Elton John, Elvis Presley, Bruce Springsteen, Freddie Mercury, Meat Loaf, Bryan Adams, the Bee Gees and the Beatles

and for women:

Barbra Streisand, Whitney Houston, Tina Turner, Mariah Carey and Celine Dion (even if I don't like them, both have great voices!), Anastacia and Sarah Conner.

Sorry folks, whoever writes about 50 Cent and Eminem here, I'm just sorry, because where do these guys have a voice, please? If you compare the rumgeräppe with Michael Jackson or Whitney Houston, then you will hopefully notice a difference .: :)
30.07.2005 02:51
@ the queen

You contradict yourself, or what you said at the end of your post, applies to Michael Jackson. His voice is recognizable and specific, or do you want to say that you couldn't tell whether a Michael Jackson or a Robbie Williams (only example) is singing ?!