How do I create events on Wechat

What is WeChat?

WeChat is the international name of the instant messaging service most used in China, which has been operating successfully on the Chinese market since the beginning of 2011. The original name "微 信", also called Weixin, means "short message" in German.

Tencent Holdings Limited is the company behind the app. Tencent Holdings Limited is ranked 7th among the most valuable companies in the world and offers various products and services in the areas of gaming, music, media and social entertainment. With WeChat, Tencent Holdings Limited has one of the most widely used apps in the world and is up to datearound 1 billion active monthly usersa serious competitor for instant messaging services, but also thanks to the built-inWePay payment function, for service providers such as Visa or MasterCard. WeChat is much more than just a messaging app. It serves as an open platform to which further services can be connected via APIs. WeChat therefore provides an infinite number of services, including ticketing services, payment services, booking services, etc.

Using WeChat Public Accounts successfully as an online marketing channel?

As with any marketing channel, a corresponding marketing strategy must also be in place when using WeChat. The following points should be clarified in advance.

  • Which aims do we want to reach with WeChat?
  • What experiences have already been made with the Chinese market?
  • What should be achieved with WeChat. Should it serve as a sales channel, should it be a channel to distribute content or should it be used for customer contact?
  • ShouldChinese knowledgebrought in-house or purchased externally as a service? (Chinese is a must-have for anyone who wants to use WeChat)

A Chinese business license is required for a WeChat Public Account. There are two ways to create a public account as a foreign company. Either you set up your own branch in China and the company gets its own business license, or you work with a Chinese third party provider / agency. The next important decision is this Choice between the two types of public accounts. There is a choice Service account or a Subscription account. Below is an overview of the differences between the two types of public accounts.

Subscription accountService account
Number of messages1 x per day4 x per month
visibilityembedded under a foldersame as a WeChat friend
E-commerceno payment functionWeChat Pay
voice recognitionNoYes
GPS locationNoYes
URL shorteningNoYes

In summary, a subscription account should be chosen if the Content the main service of a company and this should be shared on WeChat. A service account is suitable if a E-commerce option A prerequisite is and several services are offered. The actual creation of a public account is free. However, in order to verify the account, WeChat charges a fee of around CHF 50 per year. The verification is not a prerequisite, but gives the account a certain credibility. The verification is only possible from 500 followers.

By and large, WeChat is an ideal channel to gain initial experience with the Chinese market, both for SMEs and large companies. Are you interested? Would you like to find out more or do you need help? Then feel free to contact us at any time.


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