How did DJ Khaled get his success?

DJ Khaled releases new album "Khaled Khaled" on Friday

DJ Khaled has announced on Instagram that his next album "Khaled Khaled" will be released next Friday, April 30th. So far, the rapper has not released any further information about his new album. He only shared the album cover in his Instagram post. Check out the post at the bottom of our page.

In keeping with the cover on which DJ Khaled can be seen with his children, the producer and rapper writes on Instagram: “That's my name. This is my legacy. This is my COVER. Time to bring MORE LIGHT. #KHALEDKHALED THIS FRIDAY APRIL 30th. I have a present for the world. I can't wait to share it with you guys. Let's talk about it tomorrow, do you have time ?? "

DJ Khaled: More information about "Khaled Khaled" tomorrow?

So it seems like there may be more news about DJ Khaled's new album soon - although it will be out in two days. Fans of the rapper should take a close look at his social media channels today and tomorrow. Soon there could be more information about "Khaled Khaled" there. The rapper wrote in the announcement post: “I couldn't post any pictures of this gift for you, I had to sign a confidentiality agreement. One last thing, I know we said 100%, but maybe we can get 101%. I'll have another call for them at the last minute last minute magic do."

April 28, 2021 // Jonah Lara

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