Which websites do you visit often

How to hide frequently visited websites and top websites in Safari

The Safari web browser likes to display the websites you visit frequently when you open it. Frequently visited websites are displayed on an iPhone or iPad. Frequently visited websites are shown on a Mac. You can disable this to prevent your browser from advertising the websites that you visit frequently.

This feature is customizable. You are free to remove any websites that you don't want to appear here and keep using them. On iOS, you can turn it off completely. On a Mac, you can tweak it to prevent your personal information from being displayed.

Turn off frequently visited websites on an iPhone or iPad

Starting with iOS 9, it is now possible to turn off the Frequently Visited Websites feature, which prevents frequently visited websites from appearing in the new tab in Safari on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. In Safari's new tab, you'll only see icons for your favorites.

To do this, open the "Settings" app, select the "Safari" category and deactivate the "Frequently visited sites" option under the general options.

To simply remove one or more of the instead, once you have the feature turned on, open Safari's new tab and look at the icons for frequently visited websites. Press and hold an icon, then tap Delete to remove it. Safari will no longer show it on this page no matter how often you visit it.

Turn off Top Sites on Mac

The Safari web browser on Mac OS X has a similar function. A preview of the websites you visit often opens when you start Safari or open a new tab.

There is no way to completely hide the top sites from the user interface on a Mac like there is on iOS. However, you can keep them from appearing unless someone picks them up, or you can tweak your top sites so that they always have a specific list of sites there.

The easiest option is to click the star icon in the top right corner of the favorites page screen. Safari always opens and shows your favorite websites. The top websites will only appear when someone clicks on this option. The favorites page always has an icon that takes you to the most important websites. If you are just concerned that someone will see your top websites over your shoulder, this will work fine.

You can also click on the Safari menu and select Settings. For "Open New Windows With" and "Open New Tabs With", select an option other than Favorites; B. Your homepage or a blank page. Someone has to click History> View Top Sites to access the favorites page and then click the Top Sites icon on the favorites page to access them.

Safari's top site page always consists of a 4 × 3 grid12 thumbnails. You can add websites, remove websites from them, and block websites. Lock twelve thumbnails and no other sites will automatically show up here.

To manually add a website to your Top Sites list, visit it, click the Share button on the Safari toolbar, choose Add Bookmark, and tell Safari to add the page to Top Sites "to add.

You can then go to the Top Sites view. Hover over a top site and click the pin icon to pin the top site. If there is a website there that you don't want to see, click the x button instead to remove it from the page.

If you remove top websites you don't want to see by adding the websites you want and then banning all websites, you can customize your list of top websites and prevent other websites from showing up here. Someone has to start removing top sites to see others. If you are concerned about this issue, the only thing you should do is clear your Safari browser history.

Many web browsers have features like this. If you are concerned about people seeing the websites you visit, it is a good idea to regularly clear your web browser's history and private data. However, you may want to hide these websites just a bit, to prevent the websites you visit from appearing every time you open a new tab in your browser, or to get those frequently visited websites out of the way so that you can focus on your Favorite Websites - the websites you want to see every time you open your browser's new tab.