Who was Asaph in the Bible

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Asaf, the son of bekiah and descendant of Levi, was a singing master and head of an important Levitic family of singers at the temple. According to the presentation in the 1st Chronicle book, Asaf was one of three full-time singers at the sanctuary under King David (1st Chronicles 6:24). In a report on the reform of King Hezekiah, Asaf is referred to as a "seer" (prophetic singer) and, along with Gad and Nathan, is one of David's closest confidants (2 Chronicles 29:30). In the book of Ezra, among the Judean returnees from exile in Babylon, the singers are referred to as "sons of Asaf" (Ezra 2:41). Twelve psalms are ascribed to Asaf himself (Psalm 50 Psalm 73-83). The name Asaf comes from the Hebrew verb for "to take away". The same verb is also associated with the name of Joseph (Genesis 30:23).

David was the most important king in the history of Israel (around 1000 BC).

Means the time between 587 and 538 BC. During which part of the people of Israel had to live in exile in Babylonia.

Songs or prayers of people who turn to God with their complaints and praise.

Name of the ancestor of Efraim and Manasseh, which is also used as the name for the northern kingdom of Israel. The Joseph story - Israel in Egypt Distribution of the land to the individual tribes of Israel