Is WWE Wrestling too violent for children?

Educational assessment of wrestling and ultimate fighting matches

What is wrestling?

Wrestling is a mixture of show and sport. However, the focus of this exhibition fighting sport is not the competition itself, but the best possible entertainment for the spectators. The fight between "good" and "bad" with different show elements is performed again and again in the ring. The sequences of the fights (matches) are discussed in more or less detail beforehand, whereby the choreography depends, among other things, on the talent and experience of the two fighters.

However, the fights are very brutal and the character of the show is not always clearly recognizable, so that a dulling effect and developmental impairments cannot be ruled out.

Most of the events today are carried out by "World Wrestling Entertainment" and some of them are broadcast on television.

The target group of modern wrestling are mainly young people between the ages of ten and 30 years. The majority of the fans are still male, with more and more female fans being found.

We will give you recommendations as to the age from which children and young people can watch or visit the fights.

What happens in a wrestling match?

Wrestling takes place in a ring that is similar to a boxing ring. At professional events, the invasion of the athletes is usually made spectacular with the use of loud music and elaborate light installations.
The following principle applies to matches: the more dangerous and spectacular the fight, the more interesting and exciting it is for the audience. The individual grips and throws are carried out in such a way that they appear as realistic and as brutal as possible to the viewer.

Even if the wrestlers' actions and maneuvers are staged in the ring, the risk of injury is still very high. The actors in the ring therefore need a long training in order to be able to carry out their actions safely, credibly and without major injuries.

How is a wrestling match to be judged pedagogically?

In wrestling, the humiliation of the opponent is supposed to create the appearance of real aggressive hostility. Violence is presented as an adequate means of resolving conflicts, and there is a lack of sympathy and compassion. Aggressive and cheering heckling, as well as battle chants from the audience heat up the atmosphere.

There are rules for combative disputes, but these are rarely enforced by the referees and violations are only punished in a few exceptional cases. Very unfair and unsportsmanlike attacks reinforce the impression of an irregular fight. In addition, opponents who are already on the ground and temporarily not ready to fight are not spared. Jumps on the body of the helpless person, as well as kicks on the body and head of the opponent are common and essential components of the matches.

This staging of merciless struggles between men and women harbors the risk of a disorienting effect with regard to the use of violence as an effective means of conflict resolution and the risk of a deadening effect on the audience.