Who sang the song Toy Soldiers



In 1991 "Love ... thy will be done" by Martika was released and the song continues to fascinate with its backline and its unusual meditative rhythm: No wonder, it was written by none other than Prince and he used a sample of the song for it "Fifty-Fifty Clown" by the Shoegaze hero COCTEAU TWINS, which is cleverly woven into the background. The leitmotif of the song is the title, repeated like a prayer wheel, which does not praise a god, but an eternal feeling - "Love, your will be done". All the aspects make the hit, sung by Martika, who actually wrote down the opening lyrics as a prayer, into a little hymn. Prince later added his own lines of text and sent her the finished song on cassette - how romantic actually. "Love ... thy will be done" was not Martika's biggest hit, but the melodramatic "Toy Soldiers" - a song about a friend's cocaine addiction. And on the subject of samples: Eminem sampled this song on his track "Like Toy Soldiers". The special song structure and the gospel-like singing in "Love ... thy will be done" also has something of a spoken song and develops an unbelievable pull:

"Thy will love be done
Love, thy will be mine "