What is inferior equipment

The best gear for adventurers - made by adventurers.

Right from the start, Red Fox was the result of a passion for adventure in the mountains for its founders. The European Alps, the Andes of South America, the Sierra Nevada and the Rocky Mountains of North America or the Tien Shan, the Karakoram and the mighty Himalayas in Asia: they all attracted the two mountaineers Vlad and Alexander with their majestic beauty.

Made for adventure
They soon realized that what was needed as equipment had to be made because, as far as they knew, it did not yet exist. From their mountaineering experiences, they knew that a successful adventure required their unwavering determination and the will to reach the top. Inferior equipment, however, often compromised their goals. So the climbing duo started making their own equipment. First it was tailor-made backpacks, then climbing jackets and overalls for mountaineers. Soon friends asked for their designs, then friends of friends, and in 1989 they formally became Red Fox.

Red Fox apparel and equipment has been designed, tested and used by adventurers and explorers on every continent. His rucksacks and winter clothes were on the summit of Mt. Everest, in some of the deepest valleys in America and of course in our beautiful Engadin. You can trust us. Red Fox gear and clothing will protect you in the world's harshest environments and literally last a lifetime.

30 years later, Red Fox has grown into a truly international company. New items are developed in Europe, North America, Indonesia and Asia, with production located worldwide and each location having its own reputation for making the best of backpacks, tents, sleeping bags or garments ranging from baselayers to storm jackets.

Your added value
Red Fox knew from the start the importance of making equipment that was affordable. In order to keep costs in check, Red Fox sells its products directly and in this way avoids the price markup from the middleman. The end result is a better quality article. You get more in value but pay less.

The best gear made by adventurers for the adventurer is not only available in Red Fox stores around the world. It is now also available here online for the Swiss market.