What is the advantage of a telegram channel

Opportunities to attract subscribers to the Telegram channel

Recently, Telegram began actively pushing its competitors out of the market. And after the developers added the ability to create groups, Messenger was given the status of a social network. What users immediately took advantage of. To promote your channel, you need subscribers in Telegram. Who are they and where do they get ??

What is the target audience of a channel?

This concept refers to potential consumers of a particular product or service. And the main job of a marketer is to influence them to trigger an action (to buy a product).

Sales and usage statistics of the apps Telegram business

The ability to correctly identify and find the target audience enables you to:

  • Get a picture of your customer, understand their preferences better. The main characteristics are different: age, gender, location, income, etc. This way you can understand what people want.
  • Create the promotion of a product highlighting the exact features potential buyers are looking for and how they compare favorably with your competitors.
  • Make the brand more recognizable.
  • Develop an advertising company with the best channels.
  • Reduce advertising costs.
  • Increase Sales.
  • Increase Profits.

How to get the first subscribers

In order to attract the target audience, the account should be filled with useful information so that people would be interested in coming here and they would get not only joy but also benefit. After the content is created, it's time to move on to finding the audience. There are various methods for doing this.

Profile function

Recruiting subscribers to the Telegram channel is much easier when you create a high profile name for your group and include useful information in your credentials. If potential customers are interested in the offer, they will surely click the link and it is possible that they will become your first living users.

Directories on websites

This option is good for those who want to get their first 1000 subscribers and still don't want to take the risk of spending money. Here you can add a description of your channel as well as an avatar and link to it for free.

To do this, you need:

  • Select the appropriate option on @tgcat.
  • Let the catalog administrator know of your intent.
  • Send him the data (link, avatar and profile).
  • Wait for the publication.

Depending on the topic and audience participation, 1 catalog, in which at least 5000 people are signed, can bring 5-50 newcomers. Over time, when the number of people reaches a certain point, this method becomes ineffective.

Mutual advertising

Live subscribers in Telegram can be obtained with PR by arrangement with the owner of another channel. They talk about him or your resource - you - at home.

Up to 10% of the total number of views is considered an excellent indicator.


This is a post where the author recommends thematic channels with a description. How does the method work? You make a selection from 5 of your competitors and host this list. Then contact the resource owners to do the same. According to statistics, 1 in 5 people get in touch and agree. However, this is enough to increase its popularity.

Blog comment

There are many websites on the Internet where people share their views on Telegram channels. It is enough to find them and leave a comment with a small description of your resource.

Mentioned in themed chat rooms

The method works similarly to the previous one. But only here you do not need to apply in thematic blogs, but in various active communities, where a large number of people gathers. At the same time, however, it is necessary that your post look realistic as many people prohibit spam.

Ways to scam subscribers

The method of getting new users to your channel depends on how much personal time you are willing to spend and whether you agree to an investment.


Many, especially beginners who are not yet sure of their success, do not want to make financial investments in the project.

There are the following options for them to scam live subscribers in Telegram:

  • Advertising in catalogs. By searching the web, you can easily find the resources that are used to create reviews of popular channels. Everyone has the opportunity to post a comment here indicating the link of their resource without fear of being banned.
  • This option is similar to the previous one. Here the message must be left with the advertisement on various resources. The coverage of the audience will be greater. However, there is a risk that the post will be deleted.
  • In many social networks, quickly tracking the number of people allows the method of tracking. All you have to do is subscribe to another user and expect a response step from them. However, you don't have to rely on the method too much. Not all users choose it.
  • The telegram is primarily a messenger. So apply its main function. The service can synchronize with the contacts recorded in the smartphone. Send group invitations to your friends.
  • There are resources on the web that offer you free cheats. But you have to be careful with them. Illiteracy work can lead to account being blocked.

Whichever option you choose, keep in mind that even if you reach a large number of users on your channel, they are unlikely to be left without quality and interesting content for long. And all efforts are multiplied by zero. To prevent this from happening, fill your page with the most interesting content.


With Telegram just developing and slowly gaining momentum, services that offer cheat subscriptions are not common. In addition, their services are relatively cheap.

What gives a large number of subscribers

Since this site is not as popular as Facebook or Instagram, the question arises: why do you have to cheat? It turns out that this social network has an advantage in youth. The competition is still very low, so any company is moving faster.

Live subscribers in the Telegram channel enable the community to grow more actively:

  • The more real users there are, the more likely other people will find out about your offer.
  • The effect of word of mouth is triggered. Subscribers tell your friends about you, and information travels much faster.
  • Community advertising can be a page counter. The “crowd effect” will work here. Going on the canal is far more interesting when you see tens of thousands have visited you today.

However, you should never forget that for business development it is not enough to attract new users. Still, it's important to be able to keep them. Hence, you need to take an idea and develop it with interesting content.


Telegram is still a young but already promising service that will help you promote your business successfully. To do this, all you need to do is fill the channel with quality information and attract subscribers. There are free methods and methods that require financial investment.