Why is life always so unfair

Life is unfair

Thousands of people die every day of poverty, war or normally curable diseases. Why is the world so unfair? Why is nobody doing anything? Why is everyone only thinking about money? I'll give you the explanation in this post.

You live in a cruel world. A world full of war, manipulation, poverty and hatred. But is it really like that? Probably. The world is unfair. There will always be someone who is better off than you for no apparent reason. Likewise, there will be millions of people who are obviously worse off than you. That is definitely unfair, but unfortunately it is part of life.

Many people link human suffering with the right to exist as a god. I don't want to go into it any further and leave it up to everyone to decide because I'm not interested in religious discussions.

Man is fundamentally an egoist. We are always careful to put our own good first. If you look at evolution, this is completely understandable. You want to survive, reproduce, and for this reason the first comes first.

But we live in a huge society and orienting ourselves to purely selfish motives leads to harm to other people, living beings or nature. For example, we all drive cars even though we are aware of the damage to the environment. The factor of time and convenience is much more important for our ego and therefore it has more priority. That doesn't mean we don't care about nature. It is just less important to us humans than our own social life.

This depends on our value system. If your value system puts the integrity of nature first, then you're going to do a devil and drive to work.

Many facets of this world function according to this principle. Some people are only out for pure profit, others put the family first. Such a value system is very complex and has a lot to do with upbringing, shaping by the media and society and personal thinking.

In the world we are all egoists with different value systems. Of course, this also explains that many companies are doing everything they can to achieve more growth and at the expense of the environment. Nature is a good that we only own once. When this is destroyed, we no longer exist either. In theory, everyone is aware of this, but our imagination is insufficient. Very few can consciously imagine that at some point the earth will no longer exist and that they will make a contribution to it themselves.

The problem: we humans are short-sighted. We make decisions based on a short horizon. Politicians make decisions that only relate to their term of office. The manager makes decisions related to his contract term. People make decisions that only relate to their life.

A manager is measured by the numbers. If he now fires 100 employees, the numbers will of course look better. He gets a clap on the shoulder and collects his premium. He doesn't care that this effect is short-lived, as his contract is expiring and he has already been lured away by another company. The one who gets into trouble now is his successor. But he too will proceed according to the same principle, since he is measured using the numbers, which cannot always make a real statement.

The same phenomenon applies to the whole world. In the now, decisions are made that a later generation can pay for. This does the same thing and pushes it onto the next one. At some point the point will be reached where this effect no longer applies and the principle collapses due to a total write-off.

Who is to blame now? None of them either. The result is ultimately only the result of the system in which we think and live. Difficult to change this fundamentally.

It mostly appears that the most corrupt, manipulative and cunning people sit in the top management and political office. Why is that so? There is an interesting reason for this: the competition is incredibly tough and never sleeps. Who do you think will prevail? The one with morality and decency or the one who extends his elbows and walks over corpses to give his counterpart the coup de grace?

For this reason, the creme de la creme of moral abysses gather in the very high management and political offices. With such guidance, the world will never reach a peaceful state.

Understandable. Sometimes it is no different for me. I see lobbyists making sure that more sugar is added to our food than is necessary just to make us humans sick. I see how people dump oil and chemical waste into nature because they are too lazy to dispose of it properly. Does that upset me? Naturally! But unfortunately you and I have no choice but to accept this state. You should accept: the world is unfair and mean. Only when you accept this state are you able to change something.

Start with yourself. As mentioned in this Quotemonday, changes have to start with you. Don't be one of those losers who blame all their problems on others like the food companies, politics, God or the neighbors. Sure, it would be easier for us if everything was peaceful, healthy, and for our good, but it's not. Ultimately, you and I just have to make the best of the situation, for our health, for our life and for the next generation.

As soon as your own change begins, you will possibly change the consciousness of other people. Perhaps a person will also start cycling to work instead of using the car, thus protecting the environment to a small extent. This may spur someone else on and a chain of events will begin. One who consciously changes things is still more than none. The contribution you can make is much bigger than you might think at first!

I hope I was able to give you an incentive to perceive the world differently and possibly to make your own positive contribution.

If it is still difficult for you to motivate yourself, then I have the perfect video for you here: These 7 motivational secrets are being kept from you ... (watch on YouTube)

With this in mind: accept the circumstances and make the most of it!

Your Deniz

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