Are Japanese-American parents tiger parents

Woman fakes school leaving certificate and has her mother murdered

Hann and Bich Pan from Toronto were typical “Tiger parents”: anything other than top marks meant failure in the eyes of the couple who immigrated from Vietnam.

And daughter Jennifer delivered: ones in all subjects, first-class pianist, talented figure skater. A scholarship for university, admission to a renowned pharmacy study program, volunteer work in the hospital laboratory. Jennifer Pan's shiny résumé had only one catch: it was made up from cover to cover. Jennifer hadn't even graduated from high school.

Desperate that her school grades - mostly twos - would not meet the demands of mother and father, Jennifer had apparently already started in the ninth grade to gloss over her certificates with scissors, glue stick and copier. During her senior year, when she had already accepted Ryerson University in her pocket, the girl failed math - that's it with graduation and university. On the other hand, Jennifer Pan's double life was only just beginning. She forged promises of scholarships, university certificates, and mail from the faculty.

Instead of going to lectures and doing her volunteer job in a laboratory, she read science works in the city library so that she can take notes at home. But then the scaffolding of lies was discovered by accident. The Pans reacted with the same severity with which they once tried to urge Jennifer to perform: house arrest. Cell phones, car keys and laptops were confiscated. No talk of meeting her longtime boyfriend.

House arrest? The daughter orders a hit man

But instead of insight, the now grown girl developed blind anger. She decided to get rid of the two people she blamed for her misfortune. Without her parents, but with her inheritance of around $ 500,000, Jennifer envisioned a peaceful life.

With the help of her boyfriend, she hired three contract killers. While they killed their mother Bich Pan and seriously injured their father Hann Pan, according to documents from the trial, daughter Jennifer Pan played the helpless victim and even made an emergency call to reinforce this impression.

In January, Jennifer Pan and her accomplices were sentenced to 25 years in prison for murder and attempted murder. Her family has also arranged that Pan is not allowed to contact them. So far, so tragic. But the fact that the case in North America is still moving more than six months after the trial is due to something else.

No parties, no friends, but study late into the night

In a long article in Toronto Life magazine, a former classmate Jennifer Pans writes about the conditions in which the girl grew up. In addition to school, music lessons and training, only one thing was allowed in the household: learning, and that until late at night. Jennifer and her brother Felix were raised believing that success in school was paramount, and nothing was allowed to stand in the way.

The girl was not allowed to go to school parties because her father considered her “unproductive”. If she was invited to stay with friends, her parents would bring her late at night and pick her up early in the morning.

"At the age of 22, Jennifer had never been to a club in her life, she was never drunk, had never visited a friend in their weekend house or went on vacation without her family," writes Karen Ho her house issued their awards.

Many recognize each other in Jennifer Pan