What is a facial

What does a facial do?

A facial treatment in a cosmetic institute is considered the ultimate beauty application. But what actually happens during a facial and what can it do? We have looked at the most popular facial treatments for you and reveal what they can do.

The classic facial treatment

A time window of at least 1.5 hours should be allowed for the classic facial treatment. During this time, a beautician takes care of the face, neck and décolleté. The skin is initially removed, cleansed and clarified. The eyebrows are plucked and shaped. This is followed by a peeling that cleanses deep into the pores and prepares the skin for deep cleansing and care afterwards. The beautician then gently squeezes out any skin imperfections. A mask then soothes the skin, which can then look forward to a relaxing massage. The incorporation of care and make-up round off the professional classic facial treatment.

Exclusive facial treatment

Numerous applications are summarized under the term “facial treatment”. Also so called Facial Treatments are part of the facial treatments; including, for example, JetPeel and laser applications, fruit acid peelings, incorporation of highly effective serums, etc.

How effective are facials?

If you believe the promises of the cosmetic studios, every facial treatment is the best. But what is done with the various treatments and what effects can really be achieved is not always immediately apparent.

If you would like to book a facial treatment in the cosmetic studio, you can usually take advantage of a treatment package. Always read which applications are included in the package so that you experience the applications that you would like to have. So visit a cosmetic institute you trust, get detailed advice and book the facial treatment that is precisely tailored to your skin type.