What is a holistic view


"Everything visible is only a simile."

Put an end to the purely one-sided view of our West.

And with it our diseases too.
It is not the organs, the cells or the molecular structures of the human being that are sick, but the human being is sick.
So there are no diseases either, only sick people.
A tumor, a joint pain, an eczema, a heart attack, a stroke and a runny nose are like a cough a final materialized expression of an IDEA.

The idea comes first in everything we do and whatever appears in the world.

I can't do anything, absolutely nothing, without thinking beforehand.
That then means that everything has a deeper meaning - also - being - sick.
This in turn also means that, for example, a tumor is always the last aspect of an idea that existed in humans a long time before.
And here it becomes clear that medicine and being a therapist cannot be viewed as ISOLATED, and should not be meant or lived in purely functional terms.
This means that it is not only necessary to provide purely functional help, but also to ask about the content and the meaning.

Being sick is a WARNING FUNCTION for everyone.

In and with being sick, many alarm lamps light up.
Alarm sirens want to call people's attention.
He should NOTE that he should rethink all of his thinking, speaking and acting. So being sick is about a CHANCE of knowledge, a chance to wake up, to end the unconscious sleep while being awake.

How can the current health system speak of holistic therapy and thereby exclude the consciousness, the soul and the spirit of the human being from its diagnosis and therapy ?????
In this respect, the naturopathic and homeopathically oriented direction in medicine is not much better than in conventional medicine. Although the effects of the "means" are at least not as damaging.

But this path of self-knowledge is not easy, but arduous, because most of them reject this path.


Popular truths and fairy tales spread the truth:

  • Those who refuse to follow rules shall feel the consequences
  • Neck blows
  • hit on the stomach
  • broken the cross
  • I feel dizzy
  • the bile comes up in me
  • Fed up .........

The medicine of the future will be an OLD and KNOWN WAY:
Include the whole person, including the part that can be contradictory. The emotions, the feelings, the intuition, the ability to experience things from within, the imagination.
With this we find entrance into much deeper contents of consciousness.
And all of this leads us to deeper awe and humility - as an antipole to power.

Prayer and meditation will also have a very important place in medicine and in everyday life.
As a sign and expression of courage and awe for the interrelationships of the universe. To see everything synergistically and not in isolation.

It is not the events or facts that disturb the mind, but my judgment of the events.

Inscription in the Antonine baths in Rome:
Anyone who worries will find no cure here.

Become salvation: restore and experience the unity of life.

The art of life is:
1. To recognize the contradiction and 2. to endure it.

We are afraid of change because we are afraid of growing and fear of the responsibility that we have to assume for ourselves.


Body-oriented coaching:

This method works on 2 levels of human existence. Namely on body and soul. It is referred to in each case and one concludes from one to the other.

It has been rediscovered that too a conscious inwardly reflective physical treatment can change and influence a mental symptom and vice versa.
Every person experiences this themselves every day.
How long does science need to notice and confirm this or does this not need to be done by itself ???????

There is a change in the symptom levels.
If one works at this level, one notices, which is also known in psychotherapy, that the patient often only changes the level of his symptoms and complaints.

If a mental symptom has been eliminated by any therapy, a new physical symptom appears and vice versa.

Question: What comes first, or who influences whom, mind the matter or matter the mind ????????

With today's terminology we can say, always work on the SOFTWARE first and not on the hardware !!!!!!!!!

1) Paracelsius
(Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim)

The mind is the master
the imagination is the tool
and the body the malleable material.

2) Thornton Wilder
(1895 American writer)

In our FRIENDS we INSTINCTIVELY look for what we lack.