Why do basketball players have long shorts

Heroes in tights

Professional NBA players have only been allowed to take part in the Olympics since 1992, but basketball players are in no way inferior to classic Olympic sports such as gymnastics, dressage or cycling - not even when it comes to their legwear: those who are self-respecting on the court wear leggings there these days. You are used to seeing leggings under shorts from all-weather joggers, the basic protection from the cold, but for indoor athletes?

Allegedly, the spandex wraps (often these are not full-legged leggings, but a kind of gauntlet) are supposed to keep the muscles warm by compression and protect them from injuries. Players like Le Bron James or Allen Iverson therefore even wear so-called »arm sleeves« under their jerseys. When the first pioneers introduced leggings to the field around ten years ago, however, the NBA expressed clear doubts about their usefulness.

In 2006 the league even wanted to ban them - the players were suspected of wearing the additional jackets just for style reasons. This is not entirely unfounded: In fact, over the last few years there has been a certain trend towards “meggings” (leggings for men) paired with wide shorts among hip Berlin bike couriers, Japanese street style stars and fashion-conscious amateur footballers with undercut.

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Originally led by celebrities like Pharrell Williams or A $ AP Rocky and the Givenchy men's collection, the look recently seeped onto the surface of Pokémon Go. In the meantime, especially lazy trendsetters can even buy tightly sewn 2-in-1 solutions made of leggings and shorts.

Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian propagates that skin-tight elastane pants are by no means just a trend topic for men, and certainly not just for sport. For her recent visit to the Snapchat headquarters, the social media star appeared in cycling shorts - unlike the basketball players without mitigating shorts, but with a plunging neckline, red high heels and studded leather biker jacket.

You'd like to believe from the bottom of the heart that when she left the house, she simply forgot to put on her Spanx - Kardashian's obsession with shaping lingerie is legendary. However: you, the worldwide queen of well-groomed selfies, have to rule out any mistakes in clothing.

Perhaps it is alluding to another fashion trend, according to which elements from the underwear department are combined with one another. The top would speak for it. Or is it an ode to the 90s, combined with the desire to feel like a child again in the Radler?

One thing is certain: skin-tight spandex pants, regardless of length, are currently a fashionable topic. The most important styling rule: at least the bottom should somehow be covered by a second layer of clothing. How good that the Olympics are now starting, Kardashian can still get some styling inspiration from the athletes.

Is worn by: Bibi Blocksberg, Ninjas, Axl Rose, bicycle couriers
Is worn with: Shorts, racing bike, ankle-free socks
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