What is a cuckold

Cuckold (german)

Part of speech: noun, (male)

Rooster | rei, Plural: Hahn | reie
Pronunciation / Stress:
IPA: [ˈHaːnˌʀaɪ̯], Plural: [ˈHaːnˌʀaɪ̯ə]
Word meaning / definition:
1) Husband whose wife is cheating and who accepts it so as not to endanger the peace in the house; In contrast to many other husbands who have been betrayed, a cuckold makes no move to take revenge for his wife's adultery (in earlier times, for example, by killing his rival with impunity). In doing so, he violated both secular and ecclesiastical laws and even committed a mortal sin. The public reacted to such behavior with all kinds of humiliations of the cuckold. So he was equipped with horns or antlers and placed backwards on a donkey, which was then led through the whole city.
2) outdated:adulterer
3) outdated: a species of snail (Murex cornutus)
4) out of date, in Mecklenburg, Pomerania and around Göttingen: a deck of cards
Origin of the term:
cuckold has probably come from Low German to High German: Middle Low Germanhānenreyge, hānenrey, hānrey or hānreyge arrived as haggling or haggling into Middle High German. The Middle High German forms are only sparsely documented and originally had the meanings 'capon' and 'adulterer'. The adulterer is found in dialectical High Germanin a row, reisch and clean (ardently) as well as in the likewise dialectical High German rows (to mate (especially in relation to birds)) and continue in Old High Germanreiniscāri and reiniscros or wreiniscros (Stallion) again. The latter words seem to be Germanic* wreih-a- (cover, jump over) to go back, which suggests that a cuckold initially stood for 'sexually aggressive rooster' and this was carried over to humans.
The meaning 'capon' and generally the image of the cut animal fits in with Low German run as well as the Central Dutchrune and ruynkijn and also to the archaic Swabianmurmur (Gelding).
1) Horned, deer(joking)
3) scientific: Murex cornutus
General terms:
3) card game, game
Application examples:
1) You threw yourself at this guy's neck and made me public cuckold made!
1) "I knew nothing would be the same as it used to be: I would make my father's boyfriend a cuckold, I would abuse the hospitality so generously granted me, I would spit in the face of the man who had shaken my hand."
Saying / idioms:
1) make someone a cuckold
Derived words:
Cuckold color, cuckold history, cuckold rattle, cuckold rattle, cuckold rye, cuckold rattle, cuckold rump, cuckold creature
Nominative: singular the cuckold; Plural the cuckolds
Genitive: singular of the cuckold; Plural the cuckold
Dative: singular the cuckold; Plural the cuckolders
Accusative: singular the cuckold; Plural the cuckolds


  • Breton: 1) dogan
  • English: 1) mari complaisant, wittol
  • Esperanto: 1) kokrito, trompita koko
  • French: 1) Mari complaisant (male), in the broadest sense: cocu (male), cornard (male)
  • Italian: 1) cornuto (male), becco (male)
  • Catalan: 1) cornut (male), 2) adúlter (male)
  • Corsican: 1) curnutu (male)
  • Norwegian: 1) hanrei (male)
  • Portuguese: 1) in the broadest sense:corno (male), cornudo (male)
  • Swedish: 1) hanrej; 2) caps brytare
  • Spanish: 1) convertible (male)

Thesaurus & Synonyms

  • Duped (sexually)
  • Horned
  • betrayed husband
  • horned husband

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