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French - not just the language of love

Not having the right word in French at the moment? No problem! With the comprehensive German-French online dictionary from Langenscheidt you can now find the right translation in no time - not just individual words, but also entire phrases and even example sentences in both language directions. Langenscheidt also offers free online dictionaries for the other languages. To do this, please simply use the drop-down menu.

The next vacation should go to the Côte d’Azur? Finally read and understand the French edition of VOGUE? How do you write “We'll be happy to confirm your order” in French? French is spoken by around 220 million speakers in over 50 countries on every continent. In addition to German and English, French is the most important official and working language of the European Union. France is also a popular travel destination for Germans. And where better to propose marriage to your loved ones than under the Eiffel Tower? If you want to learn French, expand your vocabulary or simply look up something quickly every now and then, the Langenscheidt German-French online dictionary is ideal.

Learning French or helping with the translation of individual words and phrases

The Langenscheidt online dictionary German – French works very quickly and easily: Either enter the desired word in full or just click on the first letter and the word you are looking for from the list that opens and the translation is available. If a term has different meanings, examples are used to explain the use in the respective context. Notes on grammar and dubbing round off the reference tool. The pronunciation of the French headwords is indicated by the symbols of the Association Phonétique internationale in square brackets. Look-up turns into language learning.

The German-French online dictionary contains around 130,000 highly topical keywords and phrases from the fields of everyday life, communication, business and politics. The current DUDEN recommendations apply to the spelling of German words. The spelling of the French vocabulary follows the rules of the Académie francaise.

Look up on the computer at home, in the office and on the go

Regardless of whether during training or at work, anyone who is already at the computer for their foreign language studies or texts, the easiest way to look up the translations is on the Internet at Langenscheidt. And language foxes can also find the foreign-language word they are looking for quickly and reliably on their smartphones in the Langenscheidt online dictionary when they are on vacation or on the go. Because the vocabulary provided there comes from dictionary publisher number 1 - Langenscheidt and has been checked and therefore absolutely reliable.

Learning foreign languages ​​- never as important as it is today

In a globalized world, command of foreign languages, primarily English, French, Spanish and Italian, is more important than ever before. But if you learned the foreign language a few years ago and if you haven't used your knowledge for a while, French is a bit rusty. The online dictionary from Langenscheidt is just the ticket. Here you can professionally refresh your knowledge of French or quickly and easily look up one or the other missing vocabulary.

Because Langenscheidt is a media company with a long tradition and a wide range of languages. In addition to the classic printed dictionaries, Langenscheidt also offers various high-quality digital language products and services at the highest level.

Langenscheidt - always thinking one step further

Langenscheidt has relied on technical innovation from the start. In 1905 the publisher brought the first gramophone records onto the market. Now everyone can hear and practice correct pronunciation. Audio and video cassettes as well as distance language courses follow later. With the "Alpha 8", Langenscheidt developed the world's first electronic dictionary in 1983 - a true classic in the history of technology. While the electronic dictionary has its place in the museum today, Langenscheidt is continuously developing its language learning solutions to meet the changing demands of people. Today Langenscheidt is the number 1 dictionary publisher.

Search for first letters in the German-French dictionary

The German-French dictionary can be searched using the letters below. Simply click on a letter to find all German words in the online dictionary that begin with that letter. Then the list can be searched for the desired German word and all French translations and French synonyms in the German-French dictionary can be viewed with just one click.