How can we help save arctic wolves?

Bring the polar bears back onto the ice

The desperate search for food is becoming more and more of a doom for polar bears. As a result of global warming, the bears are increasingly being robbed of their hunting grounds and are therefore advancing into civilized areas. There they meet people who are hopelessly overwhelmed with the problem. If we do not succeed in stopping this fatal development, the last polar bears will soon also be history.

The ice melts from under the paws of the polar bears.

Through theClimate change The ice melts from under the bears' paws so quickly that they don't have time to adjust. The ice thaws earlier and earlier in the summer months, and comes back later and later in autumn. As a result, the living space is getting smaller every year. Especially the young polar bears living in the southern part are troubled by the melting of the pack ice. Because theyno longer find enough food, they look for their essential food in nearby villages. There it is only a matter of time before there are unpleasant encounters with people.

The suffering of polar bears is just as much suffering of humans. The longer the polar bears have to wait for ice on the mainland, the more frequent it happensConfrontations.

Our rescue plan for the polar bears

We are fighting worldwide on all levelsagainst climate changeto ensure the life and survival of the polar bears. At the same time, we are working with people on site to protect polar bears and help them specificallyConflicts between humans and polar bears to reduce.

In order to protect against fatal collisions - the bear is almost always defeated - polar bear patrols are needed to keep bears out of the villages and thusProtect bears and people.

With your donation you save the polar bears

So that the polar bears have a future.

Note: Excess donations will be used in other urgent WWF projects.