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Exchanges and complaints: what rights do consumers have?

Status: 12/22/2020 12:02 p.m.

Consumers cannot always exchange purchased products. The situation is different if the goods are faulty or defective. What you should know about warranty and guarantee.

We don't like the color of the new cell phone, unfortunately the chic jacket is too small: If the presents are inappropriate or unwanted, many people simply want to exchange the present. In most cases, however, customers have to hope that the dealer will be accommodating.

Is there a right to exchange?

If the purchased goods are free from defects, the customer has no right to exchange. The rule is: bought is bought. The fact that the article does not like or does not fit is not sufficient as a reason. Nevertheless, many retailers are willing to take back goods voluntarily - as a goodwill gesture. You can determine the conditions for this yourself. Instead of cash, the seller can issue a voucher or time-limit the exchange. Some retailers already print their exchange conditions on the receipt. In any case, customers should keep the receipt, because without it, the exchange will hardly work.

tip: Assure yourself in writing at the time of purchase that an exchange can be made and under what conditions (for example "return for cash possible within 14 days").

Right of withdrawal for purchases via the Internet, catalog and telephone

Anyone who has not bought in a store but in online shops, from a catalog or on the phone is better off. The customer can revoke such a "distance contract" within two weeks of receiving the goods. The effect is comparable to an exchange. The customer sends the goods back and the purchase price is refunded. However, this only applies to purchases from a commercial dealer. Private individuals who sell something via classified ads do not have to take back the goods.

tip: Certain goods cannot be exchanged, such as DVDs if the seal was opened after delivery, fresh food or custom-made products such as tailor-made suits.

Complain about defects and defects in goods immediately

Completely different rules apply if the purchased goods are defective. Then the customer can complain for two years. But that does not mean that the dealer has to reimburse the purchase price immediately. He has the option of repairing the defect or exchanging the goods for a product without defects. If more than six months have passed since the purchase, the customer must prove that the defect already existed at the time of purchase - even if it was not immediately recognizable.

tip: Anyone who discovers an error should file a complaint immediately.

Manufacturer or seller, where do I have to complain?

Some dealers refer complaints to the manufacturer of the goods. In principle, however, the seller is the contact person within the statutory warranty. The customer only has to contact him if a manufacturer grants a further guarantee, for example for a third year.

tip: Insist on the dealer, with reference to the legal situation, that he takes care of the complaint.

No exchange for reduced goods?

If products were sold at a reduced price, the same rules apply as for the full purchase price. If the goods have a defect that was not pointed out before the purchase, the customer can complain and request that improvements be made.

What about vouchers?

Coupons are one way to avoid the hassle of exchanging them. The presenter can choose the goods himself and try it out. However, vouchers are not valid indefinitely. The dealer can enter an expiry period, but it should not be less than one year. Unless otherwise agreed, a voucher is valid for three years. The retailer does not have to pay out cash for the voucher.

tip: Clarify and note the validity period of the voucher before purchasing. Inform the recipient of the deadline.

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