AirPower is Apple's biggest mistake

Apple is reportedly still working on Airpower - for some reason

Jason Cross, Peter Müller

The expensive multi-device charger, which nobody really needs, is still in the works in the Apple laboratories after new leaks from Jon Prosser. But there are doubts about that.

Airpower is a strange product. It is one of the few products that Apple has ever publicly announced and then never released. After Apple announced it on stage during the iPhone keynote in September 2017 and presented it on its website, Apple was never able to solve the technical problems during production and finally ended the project unpublished in early 2019.

Now, new tweets from the well-known Apple speaker Jon Prosser show new Airpower (code name "C68") prototypes that are still in development

EnlargeAccording to the new leaks, Apple has apparently fixed the significant problem it had with the AirPower not charging the Apple Watch properly.

In addition, the power connector seems to have changed from Lightning to USB-C. Back in April, Prosser noticed that the C68 was getting an overhaul to give it fewer charging coils with less overlap and to include an A11 processor to manage charge and thermals to overcome the overheating problem Apple was having.

Nobody really needs the air power

Apple seems determined to get Airpower up and running at all costs - Prosser claims. It was already expected that the mat would be relatively expensive, and with an A11 inside to manage heat, the expected price would be over $ 200.

But such a product is simply not necessary. In 2017, the premium wireless charger market needed a little boost. There are a variety of cell phone chargers available today, ranging from cheap phone pads to fancy, fancy-looking multi-device chargers. What exactly is Airpower bringing to the table here? You can put your smartphone, Airpods, or Apple Watch anywhere to charge instead of placing them in specific places

And that's it. That's the big innovation. And do you pay a surcharge of $ 100 or more compared to the existing multi-device loading areas? We would all be better off if Apple focused on giving preference to the iPhone and the always-on display that shows useful information while on a wireless charger rather than creating expensive and over-the-top solutions, which allow you to place your Airpods or whatever anywhere you want on a five-inch oval instead of a specific spot.

Doubts are in order

But there are doubts about Prosser's report. Noticed by often accurate predictions, Prosser had recently gotten bogged down a bit. His forecast of Apple AR glasses in the Steve Jobs look can at least be classified as adventurous, especially since it is a very future product anyway and Apple itself probably does not yet know all the details of its future solution.

Id hate to be the one to burst this bubble but that was me shitposting them on discord few weeks back 😅. Reason? Theres some inconsistencies with original source, C68 pictures included 😅. Shoot me a DM, too long to post on twit

- Fudge (@choco_bit) June 18, 2020

The pictures of the C68 may have gone wrong, the tweet account @choco_bit reports as the author of the photos, first posted on Discord. These wouldn't show any real products, but @choco_bit also claims Apple will continue to work on a charging solution. However, it is not clear whether the devices would be placed in any position as originally planned or whether the iPhone, Apple Watch and Airpods charging cradles would be assigned discrete places. If an Airpower ever comes, it will either be different from what Prosser describes or it will come much later and not at the end of 2020 / beginning of 2021.