How does the NYPD conduct background checks

Having a very bad reputation online destroys my chances of getting a job

After reading the comments on your question, it is possible that this needs to be approached from a different angle.

From what I've gathered, it's possible that the interviewers are not getting caught up in the investigation, trial, or dropped charges, but rather in the actions that led to it all.

When an employer wants to hire a person, they want to hire someone they can trust to keep the company looking good, and public action against others is a fair game in terms of a person's reputation.

I know this sounds like a long shot, but it might be worth focusing on convincing people that this previous flaw is not the sum of your overall character.

One way to regain your reputation is to volunteer in your community. I think it might help them show the interviewers that you are a functioning and contributing member of society, giving you a chance and listening that your blemish is not a representation of your character.

I'm sure this is going to be tricky considering you may or may not have a job below par, but sadly you have to go through the effort of rebuilding your reputation.

One last and super long thought:

Can you contact this politician and apologize vehemently for the transgression?

If there is no other reason, simply apologize so that you can clear your conscience and move forward safely knowing that the stain does not make up your entire character.

Whenever you have the chance to apologize, just remember the following rules:

  1. Don't expect anything from the other person
  2. Apologize sincerely
  3. Do not ask them to help you in any way

When they ask "Why are you here?" then you answer, "To correct an injustice."

When you ask "What do you expect from it?" then you answer "nothing".

You may not say anything, say thank you, or dig deeper into your life. If they dig deeper and allow you to explain your difficulties, it is best for you to report objectively that the incident has caused difficulties in your life and to maintain your attitude of expecting nothing from them.

If you're a kind person and believe in your sincerity, they may offer to "talk" to some of the people in the newspaper. If they're really nice, they may offer themselves to be listed as a character reference.

David K.

I think this is a close observation and a good start for an answer, but can you explain how You can convince people of this?


@Joe I understand that Google certainly makes interviewers "judge a book by its cover," but you made it clear that the fight against natural search results has proven futile and it is financially impossible to get the law up Bring your side. I think it could be all that you have left when you deal with the human aspect of the situation. Any thoughts on my "super long shot"? That person clearly had the power to ruin your reputation; Is there any chance they will restore / delete it?


@ Joe is working on "Judging a Book By Its Cover"; You mentioned getting the first interview every now and then, didn't you? If so, make sure you let the brightest light shine and highlight the most recent asset in your reputation so that hopefully the upcoming online search doesn't completely bog you down.


Note that the final suggestion using the politician as a character reference can be hard to backfire if that person wants to humiliate you more. They could tell you that they went out of their way to make you sound great, when in reality they might be saying, "I'm not sure why you thought it would be good to include me for your reference since I'm the one They have." has to [insert terrible thing, possibly more exaggerated than the news article]. If you hire this person, you will be in nothing but trouble. "If that call came up, it would be the deciding factor, but it could go either way. Coin toss.


This "super long attitude" of confronting the politician again sounds like Russian roulette. The first time Joe spoke to them, he was just photographed (no mention of videos or other hard evidence) and then arrested and charged with what appeared to be in vain as the charges were dropped. That could be viewed as a "hollow victory" for the politician as well, and Joe who reappears would give them one more opportunity to get back to Joe. I'm not saying politicians are lying, but they could say it all happened this time and are trying to get Joe into worse trouble. At least don't try without a witness and video.