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Amazon: shops in Germany possible, unions unnecessary

The internet giant Amazon is playing with the idea of ​​running stationary stores in Germany as well. Amazon knows that customers shop offline and like diversity, said Amazon Germany boss Ralf Kleber to the World on sunday. However, he left it open when or with which concept Amazon wants to enter offline retailing in Germany.

In the USA, Amazon already operates several stationary stores under the name "Amazon Go". The partially automated shops manage without cash registers. In the store, cameras automatically record which goods customers are taking with them. When you leave the store, you pay via the app.

In addition, the organic market chain "Whole Foods Market" belongs to Amazon, which not only has stores in the USA but also in Canada and Great Britain. In Germany, Amazon has so far only operated temporary pop-up stores in order to be offline on certain occasions - such as Christmas.

Union fears

Regardless of whether stationary Amazon stores will come to Germany or not: Amazon does not want to work with unions like ver.di. Kleber sees no need to cooperate with third parties here, writes the World on sunday. The manager told the newspaper: "You should get rid of the idea that you can only be a socially just employer if you belong to a certain association."

According to the Germany boss, the company has elected works councils, offers good training and career opportunities and pays decent salaries. The service union ver.di has been fighting for years at Amazon Germany for a collective agreement on retail conditions and for higher wages - most recently again at Christmas time.

Shopping by voice

Kleber also told the newspaper that Amazon wants to spread purchases more via voice-controlled systems such as the in-house Alexa. Alexa should make it easier for customers to use different devices and services. In order to promote the spread of the system, the smart loudspeaker Echo Dot is being sold at tactical low prices: "Amazon has never made a secret of the fact that you don't have to immediately realize the full profit margin with all electronic devices," said Kleber. (Syt)

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