Is it okay to burn wet firewood

What is the best firewood?

The best firewood is of course the one that best meets your requirements. This depends on whether you want to cook, for example, or primarily want to heat your oven. There are many types of wood that are suitable for either cooking or heating. In the following we would like to clarify some basic principles that are important for you when choosing the right wood.

Seasoned wood

Seasoned wood has been around for a long time dry and well ventilated kept. Wet wood and wood that was recently cut from a tree are much more difficult to burn and generate less heat. Avoid damp firewood and if possible, always use wood that has been stored in a dry place.

Energy content

This is a measure of how much heat is produced when burning a certain amount of wood. Hardwoods have the highest calorific value and are therefore often referred to as the ideal firewood for intense heat development. The best hardwoods are e.g. Elm, maple and Oak. Softwoods like Fir trees, Spruce, Linden tree and Ash have a much lower density and therefore burn much shorter at the same temperature.

Hardwood or softwood?

Hard wood has a high energy content in terms of volume. This means, it burns longer, but is also much harder to ignite. Soft wood starts to burn and burn much faster due to its lower density and the often high resin content are good for getting your fire going.

Examples of hardwood:

Best firewood - ash, oak, beech, birch, maple, apple (pleasant, incense-like scent);high heat output, easy to burn, low smoke development, overall very good firewood

Well - cherry, walnut; medium heat, easy to burn, no heavy smoke.

Mediocre - elm, aspen, linden, poplar, yellow poplar (bitter smoke); low to medium heat, slightly more difficult to burn, medium smoke, okay to fan.

Examples of softwood:

Well - Pine, spruce, fir, resinous and therefore easy to burn, medium heat, burns quickly and generates a lot of smoke, appropriate if you want a quick warming fire that burns out before you go to sleep.

Good to cheer - Cedar, medium heat, easy to burn, medium smoke, crackles a lot and gives off sparks

Mediocre - Cypress, medium heat, a little more difficult to burn, medium smoke development