What's the cheapest puppy

A good deal? Is the cheapest always the best? Dog puppies on offer.

The desire to get a puppy is still very great in Germany. It is noticeable that it is becoming more and more common to get a dog from abroad. The reasons for this are that the puppies are cheaper, there are no long waiting times and everything seems to be unbureaucratic.

Animals cost money! The purchase price is only a small part of the total cost. Because the costs for keeping including feed, equipment, taxes, liability, and training, care and veterinarian make up the majority of the costs over the entire life of the animal.

The veterinary costs can also be a bit higher at the beginning. Because the basic immunization against various diseases, deworming and treatment of childhood diseases must be provided. But even later, there are costs for the annual preventive medical check-up, treatment of minor injuries or illnesses up to the treatment of serious and / or chronic illnesses and accidents.

The temptation is to want to save on the purchase price. But you save at the expense of the animals and enable unscrupulous dog dealers to make a million dollar business.

Mother animals and puppies are kept in very narrow and dark cages under poor hygienic conditions. The puppies are not socialized, neglected, often very sick, not vaccinated and not dewormed. Mother animals act as birthing machines and are then killed, just like that!

The puppies are smuggled across the border in boxes and cages and sold directly or sold to middlemen who pretend to be breeders.

So how do you recognize a reputable breeder?

Dog breeders look for owners even before the puppies are born. Owner and breeder get to know each other through repeated visits, whereby the mother animal is also visited before the puppies are born. The puppies are not given up until they are over eight weeks old, have been dewormed and vaccinated at least once.

If the dog comes from a neighboring EU country, make sure that it is at least 15 weeks old and has a valid rabies vaccination including a chip and a pet ID card. If this is not the case or if there are puppies of different breeds or new puppies on offer, caution is advised!

Maybe it doesn't always have to be a puppy from the breeder? Maybe it's also worth taking a look at the surrounding animal shelters ?!

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I will be happy to advise you if you have any further questions!