Why are you having sex

How many times a week is sex actually normal?

Well, that's all a matter of interpretation. Almost every one of us has asked this question in our head whether our own sex life is really "normal", whether we have little sex or a relatively high amount of sex. How much sex is normal and is everything right between you and your loved one? The fact is that we have less sex as we age. Here comes the interesting statistic that captures the trend and that Sex behavior sorted by age Has:

How often do you have sex This is what the study says ...

Scientists at Indiana University have studied sexuality and relationships. During their study, they came across very interesting results about our sex behavior.

  • Young people from the age of 18 up to the 29th year have an average of about 2.15 times a week Sexual intercourse. That is a total of about 112 lazy hours a year.
  • 30 to 39 year olds have sex about 68 times a year. That's about Sex 1.65 times a week.
  • over 40 year olds have a little less sex a year. The average here is around 69 times a year. So people over 40 have around 40 per week 1.33 times sex a week.
  • 50 year olds have more sex again! The age group becomes a little more active in bed again. The reason for this is the living conditions. While most of us between the ages of 30 and 40 start a family, still want to reconcile our careers and work on our own self-realization, the 50-year-olds have usually already got where they want to be. By the way: Many women aged 50 and over are totally fine when they have less sex. Some of them feel little to no desire to have sex anymore. Men are actually knitted in a similar way!

Should I be concerned if I have more or less sex than the study here says?

No! As long as you feel good about your sexual activity and you can enjoy it to the fullest, you shouldn't worry about it. Sex is one of the beautiful things in the world and each of us celebrates sexuality in his own way. Sex can strengthen, weld and inspire the relationship between two lovers. But even long-term couples who have less sex naturally also have healthy relationships. If something is bothering you in your sex life, you should talk to your partner about it, because: Communication is the key to happiness!