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Other words for go - synonyms for go

You can say it that way, or in this case even more aptly: That's how it works! Because going is not going to be the same. Sometimes you walk slowly, sometimes quickly, sometimes you run. And how is the movement? How the posture? What are the intentions and goals of moving around? How do you feel about it? What is the ground like on which you walk and what are the shoes you wear?

We can get around on foot in an incredible number of ways, and the German vocabulary gives us plenty of opportunities to express all these subtleties.

Synonyms for go and similar words

When it has to be done quickly

If we roar, sweep, whiz, to hunt, to jog, to runexpenses, dash, run, whiz, shoot, sprint, spurt, storm or whet, then it’s fast, usually very fast.
Rush, rush or rush we, then we are also very fast, but on top of that we don't have a lot of time and for this reason a lot of stress.

With a lot of time and usually without a fixed goal

We can do it without hurry, very comfortably and almost always without a specific destination Strolling, stroll, strolling around, stroll, to stroll, strip or dawdle. Then we have enough time to look at the shop windows (stroll, stroll), enjoy life (stroll, stroll, stroll), explore the area (stroll, e.g. through the forest) or just be in the fresh air ( to stroll). Maybe we've just forgotten the time and maybe everything around us, then we dawdle.

On the way to an important goal

But we should pilgrimage or pilgrimage, then our goal has a very special meaning. And be careful: pilgrimages can also be made on foot.

With big or small steps

Step by step we move forward, but our steps are big (march,stride, boots) or rather small (trample, trip)?
It goes ahead in more or less large sentences when we hop or jump.

How are we perceived by others?

Feelings, well-being, condition and skill

And what picture do we give? How does the attentive observer perceive us?
swagger we held our heads high on the promenade of the big metropolises? Or slack or shuffle we with drooping shoulders our way?

Stagger we (drank too much?) home or tumble we towards our goal with the last of our strength?
We move very awkwardly (stilt, stalk, stumble) or wobbling (eggs) gone? Or prance we through the room with ease and elegance?

Or maybe we are just injured in our feet and have to limp.

Like an animal

Do we even waddle like a duck? Do we remind the viewer of an animal?
Dachshunds, tiger, trot or waddle we?

Loud or soft

Another question is how much noise are we making about the whole thing?
Let's move silently (slide, scurry, to sneak) through the room or do we announce our arrival from afar (rumble, stamp, stamp)?

It all depends on the subsurface

We also occasionally receive information about the ground on which we are moving. Wade we through ankle-deep water to the shore or even through mud? Trudge we through a soft surface (snow). Slip do we do more than walk over a smooth surface, e.g. on a mirror-smooth footpath (black ice)?

On shoemaker's pony - the footwear

Finally, we learn about the footwear we wear: Boots we with heavy shoes and heavy steps? Stalk or to stumble we stiffly on (much too high) high heels and in small steps forward?

Impressive, isn't it?

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