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Alliance 90 / The Greens

Regarding the readjustment of the upper level profile, the school policy spokeswoman for the parliamentary group of Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen says Ines Strehlau:


The revision of the upper level profile is correct. We hear again and again from students and teachers that the increased level of difficulty and four hours per week do not go together. The students need more time to deal intensively with the individual topics. And not every student is equally passionate about German, math and English. Setting your own priorities and the opportunity to delve deeper into certain subjects, if you are interested, increases the enjoyment of school and improves the chance of good performance. That is why we think it is a good suggestion not to have to take all three core subjects at a higher level, but only two. This then takes five hours, as will the profile subject in the future.

For us, it is also the right way to have to make mandatory proof of two languages ​​in the language profile. This also offers a greater opportunity for deepening due to the five-hour duration. And it also offers students who, for example, chose technology in the seventh grade and not a second foreign language, the chance to start over with, for example, Spanish in the upper school.

With the proposed changes, we manage the balancing act between good general education and setting your own priorities according to your interests. We are also adapting our upper levels to the requirements of other countries.

The intended improvement of interdisciplinary project work through flexibilization is very enriching for the classroom. Interdisciplinary cooperation is repeatedly required in training and at universities.

I welcome the open discussion process planned by the Ministry of Education. We Greens will also use the time to discuss the reform with students, teachers and parents. There are suggestions on the table, but nothing is set in stone yet.