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There will never be 100% security on a computer. Be it the laptop at home, the smartphone or the web server on which your own website is located.

Internet security against hacker attacks

Just popular and widely used software like Windows or WordPress is vulnerable to hacker attacks. Not because it would be worse, but because it makes more sense to achieve a lot of potential goals with malware.

For WordPress (as for operating systems) applies, regular updates make the system more stable, safer and generally more user-friendly. The same applies to the plugins used.

But often it's not the software. The weakest link in the security chain is sometimes the user himself. If my WordPress ID is Franz (or whatever) and my password is also Franz, it's for you Brute force attack usually not difficult to penetrate and infect the system. So best to ensure a minimum of security secure passwords Select that contain uppercase and lowercase letters, digits and special characters such as tilde, spider monkey, percent or the like.

While malware often crashed systems or deleted data in the past, it is now more effective to install software (or lines of code) that send spam emails unnoticed or set links to dubious pages in order to move up in search engine rankings (Black Hat SEO Spam).

Detect the hacking attack in WordPress

The easiest way to spot a hacker attack is when it has been carried out so poorly that the Page display no longer works or only works to a limited extent. At this point, at the latest, you can assume that the site is no longer secure.

WordPress plugins (e.g. Sucuri Security), which are supposed to serve security and scan your own WordPress installation, are limited e.g. T. only on the core files and not on the themes. Malicious software that has lodged in the child theme is not overwritten by an update of the theme.

So-called help Remote malware scanner, whereby it makes sense to have different scanners carry out the check for safety. Malware is able to recognize the IP or the IP range of the requesting server in order to prevent spamming e.g. B. to deliver only when the Google bot comes by or not when a malware scanner calls up the page.


This free malware scannerrecognizes the Spam links, but does not display it separately.

Web security

This malware scanner, which is also available free of charge, detects the spam links and also displays a Summary of all outgoing links.

Sucuri SiteCheck

The free malware and security scannerrecognizes the Spam links Likewise. As with SiteGuarding, however, they are not listed separately.

Google's Search Console

In the Google Search Console you can select Search Analysis under Search Queries. There it is possible that Filter searches by keyword. If z. B. "Viagra" delivers hits, but you are not a pharmaceutical company yourself, this should make you think.

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