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10 things you can prepare with your high-performance blender

Mix drinks & vegetable milk

Your mixer is your compact drinks supplier for the home.

Whether fruity daiquiri for happy hour, filling protein bomb after exercise or cool lemonade on hot summer days - your mixer is your compact drink supplier for at home. At the push of a button, it transforms ice cubes into crushed ice, frozen berries into cocktails and flakes, powder and fruit into nutritious shakes. Would you like to do without bought drinks altogether? Your high-performance mixer even conjures up homemade plant milk in a few turns.

Prepare sauces, dips & pesto

Your mixer processes soft and hard ingredients into sauces and dips.

From hummus to herb butter to salsa - with your mixer you can process soft and hard ingredients into smooth sauces and airy dips. How about an oriental evening full of aromatic dips or homemade pesto with your pasta? Simply put all the ingredients in the mixer and get started - you can now save yourself time-consuming chopping.

Mix low-carb basics

Your blender takes over the preparation of your low-carb treats.

A healthy pizza or light puree with little carbohydrates - comes immediately! How is that supposed to work? By letting your blender do the prep work. Simply swap classic wheat flour or potatoes for cauliflower or zucchini. Starting today, your blender will chop different types of vegetables for you.

Make purees and spreads in a high-performance mixer

Your high-performance mixer creates nut butter and almond butter in no time.

A glass of cashwmus and almond butter are too expensive for you? How good that you have a powerful kitchen helper by your side. The power motor drives the knives at top speed so that nuts, legumes and the like are chopped up in no time at all. Whether pistachio butter, peanut butter or macadamia butter - all you need is a bag of your favorite nuts or kernels and your mixer - it couldn't be easier.

Breakfast from the high-performance mixer

Your high-performance mixer will prepare your breakfast from now on.

Even if smoothies are delicious - your blender can pamper you with a whole range of other breakfast options. So that many hungry eaters are quickly supplied with omelets and scrambled eggs, he will open a whole pack of fluffy eggs for you in no time. He can easily stir large quantities of pancake and waffle batter in a very short time. A small plus point - thanks to the short spout of the blender jug, you can pour exactly the right amount of eggs or batter into the pan.

Experience your real waffle miracle

Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside - that's how it should be, the perfect waffle. No problem with the Wanda waffle iron! With their 5 different programs and 7 browning levels she conjures up sweet or savory delicacies for every waffle hunger. thanks LCD display With integrated baking status indicator you always stay up to date and get perfect baking results at all times.

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Grind flour yourself

From coarse to fine - you can easily prepare your flour from cereals of your choice.

Would you like to bake classics or more unusual flavors? You can also easily prepare your own flour yourself in the high-performance mixer. Simply take the grain of your choice and let the blades dance - with a little attention you can even influence the degree of grinding.

Making ice cream

Your high-performance mixer makes you delicious fruit ice cream.

You don't need an ice cream machine for homemade ice cream, just your blender. It turns frozen fruits into banana, strawberry or raspberry ice cream at the push of a button - within a few minutes. And best of all: Your ice cream does not contain any additives or chemicals. So pull out the spoon!

Prepare healthy snacks

With homemade snacks against the midday low - thanks to your mixer!

By the time the midday low hits, you can usually hear chocolate and gummy bears calling. Thanks to your mixer, you are now well equipped to recharge your energy with healthy ingredients. You can transform dried fruits, hard nuts and chia seeds into sugar-free energy bars and clean tarts. You puree fresh fruit to make fruit pulp, which you can use to sweeten your yogurt or which you can dry in the oven to make fruit leather.

Puree soups

You can puree soups in no time at all.

What your hand blender can do, your blender can do better. Before you sprinkle splashes on your shirt and stove - just do it yourself and run your blender. Fill in the soup, put the lid on and press the button. Less than a minute later, your soup is smooth and creamy. Particularly practical: some mixers even heat up your ingredients.