What is a happy world

World lucky day: what makes us happy

"Happiness consists of a pretty bank account, a good cook and an impeccable digestion," is a well-known quote. "One or the other may see it that way, especially if they have had digestive problems," laughs Ulrike Bossmann, "but in general it is only a fraction of what contributes to happiness." The psychologist should know, because she is a happiness researcher and coach for positive psychology. "There is no Mother Teresa in me. But there is a part that wants everyone to be happy," writes Ulrike Bossmann on her website.

The five pillars of happiness

And that's not that difficult at all if you orientate yourself on the "PERMA model" that the forefather of positive psychology, the American Martin Seligman, developed. The "P" stands for positive emotions, "E" for commitment - recognizing your own strengths. "R" for relationship, that is, good relationships with other people - and that doesn't just refer to the partner. The search for values ​​in life goes hand in hand with "M" for meaning.

"It's not like looking for the Easter egg," explains the happiness researcher. "You have to ask yourself: What is important to me? What should stay?" And finally there is the pillar "A" for achievement, the achievement of one's own goals.


The joy of the little things: You can also feel happiness while birdwatching

Happiness, explains Ulrike Bossmann, is not a final state in which one arrives at some point. "It's not like building a house and then it's finished." The search for happiness is not about experiencing permanent high feelings, but about leading a fulfilled life. "We often have this fantasy of a unique, great love or adventure, once standing in a certain place and having seen this or that," says Ulrike Bossmann in an interview with DW. It is much more important "to perceive the small, tender emotions and beautiful moments:" To watch the great tits building their nest, to see tomorrow how they steal branches from elsewhere, to hear them twitter the day after tomorrow and to enjoy them. "

UN insists on basic conditions for happiness

When the United Nations declared March 20 International Day of Happiness in 2013, they had completely different things in mind: The basic conditions for happiness were at least 2000 calories and access to 100 liters of water daily, a place to cook, six square meters of living space and a six-year-old School education - not a matter of course everywhere in the world. It was then also a former orphan from the slums of Calcutta who called for the day. Unlike many other children, Jayme Illien was lucky; he was adopted by an American woman and from then on lived in sheltered circumstances. As an adult, Illien advised the UN and campaigned for World Happy Day. The idea behind it: happiness is a basic human right.

Ulrike Bossmann is convinced: You can learn to be happy

Of course, absolute poverty makes you unhappy, says Bossmann, because then it's not about the question: Am I happy or not, but I somehow survive. On the other hand, the saying is true: 'Money alone does not make you happy'. "Many studies show that we are not happier when we have exceeded a certain basic amount of money. And that is significantly smaller than generally believed." In Germany, it is around 2000 euros net per month, according to a study.

The so-called Easterlin paradox also fits in with this: When the American economist Richard Easterlin examined the subjective life satisfaction of his compatriots over a period of 25 years, he found that their income had almost doubled between 1946 and 1970, but they never did became happier. And what's more: people in poorer countries such as Puerto Rico or Colombia had a significantly lower per capita income, but a comparable level of life satisfaction.

  • Sayings and happiness formulas for World Happy Day

    "Happiness is the only thing that doubles ...

    ... if you share it. "This calendar saying comes from Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965). He was a doctor of philosopher, theologian and medical doctor. In 1913 the German-French founded a hospital in Gabon, Central Africa, where he practiced as a doctor for a few years. The pacifist later became active against nuclear weapons and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

  • Sayings and happiness formulas for World Happy Day

    "We are not born to be happy ...

    ... but to do our duty. "The German philosopher Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) took his duties as a professor and scholar very seriously. His daily routine was clearly structured and he went for a walk at the same time every day best known for his work "Critique of Pure Reason".

  • Sayings and happiness formulas for World Happy Day

    "After all, happiness is not a long-life sausage ...

    ... from which you can cut your slice every day! "This quote comes from the" fairy tale of happiness "by Erich Kästner (1899-1974). It is about a man who has three wishes free and the last one not at all Is the option of fulfilling a heartfelt desire possibly the greatest happiness?

  • Sayings and happiness formulas for World Happy Day

    "The house, the home, the restriction ...

    ... they are happiness and are the world. "The writer Theodor Fontane (1819-1898) saw a lot of the world and in the meantime even lived in London. In the end, however, he always returned to his beloved Prussian homeland, which he Described in many texts, his novel "Effi Briest" is now read in school and made him one of the most famous German writers.

  • Sayings and happiness formulas for World Happy Day

    "Unhappiness becomes happiness by saying yes"

    Hermann Hesse (1877-1962) suffered several severe blows of fate. His three-year-old son was diagnosed with meningitis, his wife suffered from schizophrenia and the marriage broke up. The fact that, in his opinion, artists and intellectuals resisted the First World War also angered him. He processed many of these experiences in his novels.

  • Sayings and happiness formulas for World Happy Day

    "Happiness is not a gift from the gods ...

    ... but the fruit of inner attitudes. "Erich Fromm (1900-1980) was convinced of this. The German-Jewish psychologist emigrated to the USA in 1934, became an American citizen, taught first at New York's Columbia University and later at the university in Mexico City, where he has made a name for himself outside of science with his bestseller "The Art of Love".

  • Sayings and happiness formulas for World Happy Day

    "Quiet humble life gives more happiness ...

    ... as a successful pursuit, combined with constant restlessness. "In 1922 the physicist Albert Einstein (1879-1955) wrote this motto on a piece of paper and handed it to a hotel servant in Tokyo - possibly instead of a tip Note auctioned - and changed hands for an impressive $ 1.56 million.

  • Sayings and happiness formulas for World Happy Day

    "Happy alone is the soul that loves"

    The German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832) understood great feelings, be it in "Faust", in his novel "The Sorrows of Young Werther" or in his love poetry. The literary critic Marcel Reich-Ranicki described his poem "Joyful and Sorrowful", from which the Glücks quote comes, as "the most perfect erotic poem in the German language".

    Author: Katrin Schlömer (rey)

Happiness in times of Corona

Happiness is subjective, but there is a consensus in many things, Bossmann knows from experience: "Laughter is contagious and makes you happy, as is being with other people or being in nature."

Every year on March 20th, the UN publishes the World Happiness Report for 156 countries. It will be interesting to see whether and how a year of pandemic has affected people's happiness. But even in times of Corona, happiness is not a matter of luck. If you stick to the five pillar model, you can get through times of pandemic well, believes happiness researcher Bossmann. Although homeschooling, home office and lockdown sometimes tempt you to "want to smash each other's heads. The question is: Do I let myself be carried away or do I become aware of my strengths and how I can use them here?"

Not only makes you happy in Corona times: the forest walk

Her tip: don't let yourself get swallowed up by the stress of everyday life, but consciously be able to take short breaks and perceive positive feelings, meet your favorite people online, do sports or go for a walk in nature. Perhaps you can learn a new language in lockdown, finally read the long novel that you have pushed to the back of the shelf for lack of time, enjoy recorded concerts on TV or sing or make music together on the Internet? Sometimes it doesn't take much to be happy - you just have to give happiness a chance.