How do I delete Segurazo virus

Remove Segurazo - How to Safely Uninstall the Unwanted Program

You should always be careful with software that has been downloaded and installed without your knowledge. Segurazo Antivirusthat likes to Windows 10 systems Sneaking in is one such program that not only slows down your computer's performance, but potentially becoming a danger yourself can. That's why we'll help you if you want to remove Segurazo.

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How can I remove Segurazo?

  1. For self-protection first one Data backup
  2. Scan with a Anti-malware program
  3. Windows 10 search after Segurazo Antivirus
  4. Settings: Apps & features to open
  5. Segurazo select and uninstall
  6. Complete removal carry out
  7. Restart the computer and complete the uninstallation

We will explain the exact procedure for removing Segurazo in detail in the context of the following Step-by-step instructions, which as a counterpart to our Installation aids significantly increases the safety of your work environment.

What's this? Remove Segurazo!

Segurazo Antivirus is one Malwarethat has no real benefit and is even trying to use it false reports convince them to buy a license. There are also uninstallation difficulties as well permanent advertisementsmany users fall victim to. For this reason, experts strongly advise removing Segurazo.

You should therefore be careful on shady websites and when installing free software. Segurazo Antivirus usually loads itself through a back door down. Unlike ordinary malware that works hidden in the background, Segurazo intrudes itself into all processes of your operating system. Comparable to the Windows 10 activation message The program constantly asks you to pay for advanced services to avert potential threats.

Under no circumstances should you provide personal information and ignore the "recommendations"that are supposed to help optimize your system! These are simply made up findings that are a real antivirus does not indicate. In the best case scenario, you haven't opened SAntivirus once. We'll now show you in detail how you can remove Segurazo and clean up your computer again.

Remove Segurazo: Step by step to completely uninstall it

1. For self-protection first a data backup (backup)

This precautionary measure is particularly useful if you can assume that Segurazo Antivirus has been active on the affected computer for a long time and was able to spread. So close yours external hard drive or transfer all important files to the Cloud system of your trust. So you can safely remove Segurazo and, in the worst case, fall back on this fuse.

2. Scan with an anti-malware program

Before you start the next steps for manual uninstallation, it is advisable to use an anti-malware program. Malwarebytes Premium or Norton (Internet) Security are, for example, specially designed to detect malware such as Segurazo Antivirus. The comprehensive scan automatically searches through all entries and immediately moves possible sources of danger to quarantine. From there you can then remove Segurazo.

3. Windows 10 search for Segurazo Antivirus

Open the Windows 10 search function by right-clicking on the start menu Search click. Even with older versions like Windows 7 Home Premium you should find the command in a similar way. You type either in the text field Segurazo, Antivirus or SAntivirus a. In this way you can check whether the software has even been installed.

4. Settings: Open Apps & Features

If your search returned a hit, you can remove Segurazo by typing a manual uninstallation take care of. For this you call them Settings from Windows 10 again by right-clicking on the start menu or using the Windows logo key + I on. You can access the list of all installed programs via Apps & features.

5. Select Segurazo and uninstall it

Find all entries that contain the word Segurazo (for example Segurazo Realtime Protection Lite) and start the deinstallation.

Tip: Depending on the extent of your personal virus protection, also make sure that you do not accidentally Windows Defender disabled has. Even though the protection cannot compete with commercially available antivirus software, the application does promise a first buffer.

6. Perform complete removal

The Setup wizard should now guide you through all further steps. You can safely ignore warnings that speak of a subscription that is still active. However, you should make sure that you tick the last point at Segurazo Antivirus, which is the Deletion of the configuration files concerns. This is the only way to completely remove Segurazo.

7. Restart the computer and complete the uninstallation

After all, you only have to restart your computer once for the Segurazo uninstallation under Windows 10 to be final. To final control you can carry out the search described in step 3 again.

In the future, it is better to trust a recognized antivirus program directly. Kaspersky Antivirus or Avast Ultimate are available in our shop, along with numerous alternatives. Then you should be able to remove malware like Segurazo without any problems in the future.