What's the best song of 1964

05. The year 1964 and 1965

The year 1964


Desegregation: As a civil rights activist was Charles Eddie Moore banished from college in Mississippi and shortly thereafter he was, with his friend Henry Hezekiah Dee, by the Ku Klux Clan, murdered on May 2nd. Again evidence against the perpetrators was covered up and again the dream of an equal coexistence between black and white was wounded. President saw himself under pressure from the public Lyndon B. Johnson forced to ratify Kennedy's racial segregation law. But instead of at the beginning of the year, the law against the objection of racist senators could only be passed on July 1st.
Fall of Nikita Khrushchev: The head of government is removed from all his offices on October 14 by a majority vote in the CPSU Central Committee. The reason for this was his liberal policies, which angered some party comrades. He was officially accused of a chaotic reform policy, but the causes lay elsewhere. Many comrades displeased the unconventional solution to the Cuban Missile Crisis, blamed him for the disrupted relations with China and Albania, and above all, party comrades angered those reforms that included the curtailment of privileges. After this Leonid Brezhnev Was party leader, the balance of power in the Central Committee against Khrushchev and declined Alexei Kosygin became the new head of government.

Selected events:
13. 01. - Egypt: 13 Arab nations meet for a summit conference
16. 02. - FRG:Willy Brandt becomes party chairman of the SPD
31. 03. - Brazil: Military coup under General Humberto Castelo Branco, he ruled for 21 years
01. 06. - World: Founding of the PLO as the Palestinian National Council; Becomes chairman Ahmed Shukeiry
12. 06. - South Africa: The 7 leaders of the ANC (Organization of Blacks) are sentenced to life imprisonment for alleged sabotage
condemned among them Nelson Mandela
07. 09. - GDR:The possibility of unarmed military service Construction soldier is decided
09. 09. - GDR: Pensioners are allowed to travel to the Federal Republic to visit relatives and from November 25th the travel options become available
extended to all non-socialist countries
27. 09. - UNITED STATES: The Commission of Inquiry into the Murder John F. Kennedy comes to the conclusion that lee Harvey Oswald sole
Perpetrator and his motive was unknown
06. 07. - Vietnam: Viet Cong attack a US military base, whereupon President Johnson on 07/07 the open American
Decided to participate in the Vietnam War
15. 10. - Great Britain: Labor Party wins UK House of Commons elections (Government Herald Wilson)
16. 10. - China: first underground atomic bomb attempt in the country
03. 11. - UNITED STATES: Confirm US presidential elections Lyndon B. Johnson in office
25. 11. - GDR: a minimum exchange rate of 1: 1 is mandatory for all visitors from non-socialist countries;
West Germans have to exchange 5 D-Marks per visiting day and West Berliners 3 D-Marks (except for this
Pensioners and children)

Zebra crossing is introduced in the FRG - - - IBM provides that Computer system S / 360 before and John G. Kemeny & Thomas E. Kurtz
Develop the BASIC programming language - In New York, the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge is called longest suspension bridge of the world
opened - - - Foundation of Stiftung Warentest and the company Metro - - - Germany meeting in East Berlin - - -
Nobel Peace Prize for Martin Luther King - - - early retirees perpetrated flamethrowers -attack at a school in Cologne, two teachers
and eight students die, the perpetrator then commits suicide - - - Mass panic in the National Stadium of Lima (Peru), with 328 spectators
died and over 500 were injured. The trigger was a goal shortly before the end against Argentina that the referee did not recognize
and riots began. The police firing tear gas was ultimately responsible for the tragedy that resulted
Thousands of spectators flee in panic - - - an Egyptian freighter with ammunition on board explodes in the Algerian port city of Bone,
100 dead and 160 injured

International hits 1964
1. I Want To Hold Your Hand (4.)Beat BeatlesGBR
2. Non Ho L'eta (13th)song Gigliola CinquettiITA
3. Pretty Woman (18.)Beat Roy OrbisonUnited States
4. Skinny Minnie (11.)Beat Tony SheridanGBR
5. Memphis Tennessee (* Chuck Berry) (19.)RnR Johnny RiverUnited States
6. A Hard Day's NightBeat BeatlesGBR
7. Hippy Hippy ShakeBeat Swinging blue jeansGBR
8. Do Wah Diddy DiddyBeat Manfred MannGBR
9. Needles and pinsBeat SearchersGBR
10. House Of The Rising Sun (* US tradition)
Beat AnimalsGBR
11. Hello Dolly! (* Musical, interpretation)jazz Louis ArmstrongUnited States
12th Drina March (* Serbia tradition)Instr. Jörgen Ingmann OrchestraDAN
13. I feel fineBeat BeatlesGBR
14.You've Lost That Lovin 'Feelin'song The Righteous BrothersUnited States
15. Twist and shoutBeat BeatlesGBR
16. Where Did Our Love Gosoul SupremesUnited States
17. Every Body Loves SomebodySWG Dean MartinUnited States
18. Glad all overBeat Dave Clark FiveGBR
19. It's all over nowskirt Rolling StonesGBR
20. Under The Boardwalksong DriftersUnited States
21. Baby Lovesoul SupremesUnited States
22. Leader On The Packskirt Shangri LasUnited States
23. Time is on my sideskirt Rolling StonesGBR
24. Love Potion Number NineBeat SearchersGBR
25. Can't Buy Me LoveBeatThe BeatlesGBR
26. I get aroundBeat Beach boysUnited States
27. California SunBeat The RivierasUnited States
28. You Rilly Got MeBeat KinksGBR
29. Fun fun funBeat Beach boysUnited States
30. My guysoul Mary WellsUnited States
Legend:song = Song title; Sound = Type of music / direction; artist = Artist; Nat= Origin of the performers or country of production
Sound:Beat = Beat styles; Count= Country style; Instr. = instrumental title; Jazz = Jazz art ; RnR= Rock'n'Roll-Art (also twist, shake);
skirt= Rock styles, including blues rock; song= World hits, songs;soul = Soul type;SWG = Swing style
Hints: (Number) = Top Twenty according to the sales figures evaluation by the University of Würzburg (list of sources)
Annotation:Trend reversal in the class of buyers of records and the influence on the listener charts; doubled by the youth
sales of records in Germany are almost 40 million a year; the year 1964 could be seen as a balanced taste -
Evaluate the mix between young and old
Hit hits 1964
title HW interpretationNat
1. Lovesickness is not worth it(1.) Siw MalmqvistSWE
2. Oh My Darling Caroline (* US tradition)(2.) C. Ronny- - -
3. You can't forbid me to do that (* Johnny Tillotson)(3.) Bernd Spier- - -
4. It comes from rowing, it comes from sailing(5.) Peter Leek and the plover- - -
5. Give me your word(8.)  Freddy QuinnAUT
6. Shake hands(6.) B. Drafi German- - -
7. Three musketeers(9.) Conny Froboess- - -
8. Two girls from Germany(15.) Paul AnkaCAN
9. Say "no" to him(16.) Cliff RichardGBR
10. You learn to swim in the lake (7.) Manuela- - -
11. Come give me your hand(12.) B. Beatles (* also original)GBR
(14.) Ch Sacha thistleFRA
13. When the cowboys dream(10.) C. Marika Kilius- - -
14. You you you go over(17.) SuzieNDL
15. Beautiful strange girl(20.) Hans Jürgen Bäumler- - -
16. Now the world is all about you Gitte Henning (DAN) & Rex Gildo- - -
17. When the silver moon Peggy MarchUnited States
18. His best horseC. Martin Lauer- - -
19. Honeymoon in St. Tropez Marika Kilius & Hans-Jürgen Bäumler- - -
20. Get it, get it, build a houseV Ralf Bendix- - -
21. When you are alone Manfred Schnelldorfer- - -
22. My Boy LollipopSR Millie SmallJAM
23. Napoli Connie FrancisUnited States
24. We can only write letters to each other Greetje KauffeldNDL
25. Roses have thorns Carmela CorrenISR
26. Reunion is wonderful Brenda LeeUnited States
27. Silk and Velvet Peter AlexanderAUT
28. No gold in the Blue RiverC. Ronny - - -
29. Hocus pocus Gitte Henning (DAN) & Rex Gildo- - -
30. Lady MusicSR Peggy MarchUnited States
Hints:HW = Notes on the song;Nat= Origin of the performers or country of production; German productions with "- - - " marked
(*Surname) = Original title by ...! // Country code: IN O = Indonesia; TAH= Tahiti
Notes - specifically:(!) = most successful version of a song by at least one other interpretation; (Number) = Top Twenty after
the sales figures evaluation by the University of Würzburg (list of sources) //B.= Hit beat;C. = Country western style;
= Chanson;G= Grotesque songs & carnival; ;SR= Schlager Rock'n'Roll; V= popular songs
Worth mentioning: the carnival hit "Das Humbta-Täterä" by Serious negro and the stupid hit "The old Lord continues" from Heinz Erhard
GDR - hit 1964
1. Blonde star Frank Schöbel
2. Looky looky Frank Schöbel
3. White clouds wander Rica Dèus
4. Hot notes not prohibited Volkmar Boehm
5. Nobody has kissed me while doing the twist Ruth Brandin
6. Always a red mouth Christian Schafrik
7. Serenades of the Night Heidi Kempa
8. I am always there for you Christian Schafrik
9. Hold me tight my sailor Rica Dèus
Bärbel Wachholz
Album charts 1964Grand Prix de Eurovision
1. A Hard Day's Night The Beatlesin Copenhagen (DAN) // 16 participants
2. Meet The Beatles! The Beatles1. ITA Non ho l’eta
3. The Rolling Stones The Rolling StonesGigliola Cinquetti
4. Hello Dolly!Louis Armstrong2. GBR I love the little things
5.West Side Story # Musical Soundtrack #Matt Monroe
6. Christmas on the high seas Freddy Quinn3. Monaco Ou sont –elles passées?
7. Another Side Of Bob Dylan Bob DylanRomuald
8. Getz & Gilberto Stan Getz & Joao Gilberto
9. Love SupremeJohn Coltrane13. FRG You get used to it so quickly ...
10. The Pink PantherHenry ManciniNora Nova
Popular youth hits
1. A Hard Day's NightBeatles 6. House of the Rising Sun Animals
2. I Want To Hold Your HandBeatles 7. I feel fine Beatles
3. Twist and ShoutBeatles 8. It's all over now Rolling Stones
4. Hippy Hippy Shake Swinging blue jeans 9. Can't Buy Me LoveBeatles
5. Needles and pins Searchers10. Time is on my sideRolling Stones
More beat hits (UK) from 1964
The Beatles:"I Should Have Known Better" - - - "All My Loving" - - - "I Saw Her Standing There"
The Dave Clark Five: "Bits And Pieces" - - - "Can't You See That She's Mine"
Freddie And The Dreamers: "I Understand (Just How You Feel)" - - - "Over You"
Marianne Faithfull:"As Tears Go By"
Gary and the Peacemakers: "Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying" - - - "I'm The One"
The Hollies: "Just One Look" - - - "We're Through" - - - "Here I Go Again"
Herman's Hermits: "I'm Into Something Good"
Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas: "Little Children"
The Kinks: "All Day & All of the Night"
Manfred Mann: "5-4-3-2-1" - - - "Sha La La"
The Merseybeats:"I Think Of You" - - - "Don't Turn Around"
Brian Poole & The Tremeloes: "Someone, Someone" - - - "Candy Man"
The Rolling Stones: "Little Red Rooster" - - - "Not Fade Away" - - - "Tell Me (You're Coming Back)"
The Shadows:"Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt"
The Searchers: "When You Walk In The Room" - - - "Don't Throw Your Love Away"
Swinging Blue Jeans:"You're No Good"
The Zombies: "She's Not There"
Most popular performer in 1964
International FRG - NationalGDR - national
1. Beatles
2. Rolling Stones
3. Searchers
4. Beach Boys
5. Roy Orbinson
6. Supremes
7. G. & Peacemakers
8. Dave Clarke Five
1. Gitte & Rex
2. Drafi German
3. Ronny
4. Siw Malmquist
5. Manuela
6. Freddy Quinn
7. Peter Alexander
8. Bernd Spier
1. Frank Schöbel
2. Rica Deus
3. Christian Schafrik
4. Günther Geissler
5. Helga Brauer
6. Heidi Kempa
7. Ruth Brandin
8. P. Fotopoulos

 -  Olympic Winter Games in Innsbruck (Austria) and Olympic Summer Games in Tokyo (Japan); still as an all-German team,
no division between FRG and GDR
- Cassius Clay (Mohammed Ali) became the youngest boxing world champion at the age of 22 and defeated Sonny Liston in the world championship fight
- 2nd European Football Championship: hosts Spain defeated the Soviet Union 2-1 in the final; GDR reached 1/8 final, FRG did not take part
- 1. FC Köln won the 1st Bundesliga season ahead of MSV Duisburg
- GDR league champions: BSG Chemie Leipzig in front of Empor Rostock
- The French win for the 4th time in a row Jacques Anquetil the Tour de France; His compatriot came in second Raymond Poulidor
- The Briton John Surtees is so far the only one who has become world champion in Formula 1 and on a motorcycle

Johannes Bobrowski writes “Levin's Mill” - - - Jean-Paul Sartre rejects the Nobel Prize - - - Marc Chagall paints ceiling paintings for
the Paris Opera - - - Musical "Funny Girl" by Jule Styne - - - Musical "Anatevka" (Fiedler of the Roof) by Jerry Bock - - - Ballet
“The lesson” by Flemming Flindt (choreography) and Georges Delerue (music) - - - Opera “Don Rodrigo” by Alberto Ginastra
- - - Play "In the matter of J. Robert Oppenheimer" by Heinar Kipphardts - - - the symbol of Copenhagen "The Little Mermaid"
damaged by vandalism

Radio / television:
- The Bavarian broadcasting company is the first local broadcaster to set up a third program, the other federal states with their consequences
Regional channels
Peter Frankenfeld moderates a rate show on ARD in favor of the newly created Action problem child
The ZDF starts game show "The golden shot " with Lou van Burg
- First youth broadcast in Germany on Berliner Rundfunk (GDR), on the occasion of the Germany meeting -DT64
British BBC broadcasts the hit parade show "Top of the Pop" for the first time with the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and others
Dusty Springfield
- The DFF begins with the children's sport show "Join in, do it yourself, do it better" (class competition on Sunday morning)
- "The strange methods of Franz Josef Wanninger" become a popular short thriller on ARD

Film / cinema:
Oscar for the filmed musical "My Fair Lady" with Audrey Hepburn
- “Alexis Sorba”, a Greek milieu study, is a box-office hit, especially the main actor AnthonyQuinn impresses with its
Acting authenticity and the cinematic implementation of the novel
- Walt Disney co-produces the children's musical “Mary Poppins”, a highly acclaimed fantasy story JulieAndrews