Why doesn't my Instagram account load any pictures?

Unable to upload picture: tap to retry Instagram

It is impossible to upload a picture to Instagram. This is not a popular one, but it is a problem that social network users encounter. Everyone loves uploading colorful and vivid photos from the summer vacation or creating cozy and warm posts in the winter. Bloggers try to make one or even 2-3 posts every day. But what if the picture doesn't load and an error crashes? Let's talk about it in the article ..


Instagram: Unable to post photo

In 90% of cases, the inability to post a photo is related to the Instagram social network. Deciding immediately won't work. 3-4 times a year a social network “falls”, as users say on the Internet. During 5-6 hours, users can neither upload photos nor publish videos, nor view posts by new friends and write directly. In 2017 the network hung all day.

Before panicking or blaming a smartphone or the internet, check to see if the application works with friends or acquaintances, or watch the news on the internet. The World Wide Web knows everything, and often the news of the "fall" of the social network appears immediately after problems arise. You can find out about problems with a computer.

After the update

Some versions of the application are unstable. The service may not be able to download content after a recent update. The material can be published endlessly or an error occurs at all. Why does the service write: Unable to upload image, tap to retry? With every update, Instagram tries to search for errors in the program and to fix them in order to avoid problems.

If the problem persists for a long time after upgrading, reinstall the application. You may need to install an older version of the application's APK files. However, they resort to it in 2% of the cases.

Why Instagram writes that it is impossible to upload pictures?

Before reinstalling the application or restarting the device, you should try to check other causes of the problem.

  1. Slow internet connection. When you travel, the network is regularly unstable. When you click the “Tap to Repeat” message, it will appear multiple times. So check your internet connection. If it's unstable, just wait for a good connection. Sometimes operators take preventive measures and the internet is temporarily unavailable in cities.
  2. Device problems. Android or iOS smartphones may experience unstable performance. If the internet connection is good, then the application worked previously and has not been updated. This could be a software malfunction. The best solution is to restart.
  3. The Instagram version hasn't been updated for a long time. When you sign into your account, you may get a message that you need to update it. If you ignore this, uploading photos and videos can cause problems. Update the app from the Play Market or App Store.

Different solutions for different versions of the operating system.

On Android

Android system users can solve this problem using the following methods:

  • Clear cache. The reason could be the clogged memory of the application. The larger the cache, the longer the materials will be published. In time, publishing the material won't work at all. Clean your memory regularly.
  • Remove old and unnecessary applications to free up space. If the internal memory is full, the photo may not be uploaded.

On the iPhone

Apple gadget owners have similar problems. The only difference is solving the error problem on Instagram when reinstalling the version with the error. Manual:

  • Remove it from the device,
  • Connect the iPhone to the PC,
  • Sign in to iTunes,
  • Find the Instagram in the application and transfer it to your device on the left side of the window,
  • When the synchronization is complete, disconnect the device from the PC.

Bloggers have limitations because of the following actions:

  • Excessive spam,
  • Frequent publications,
  • Cheat subscribers,

Social Networking Policy Violations.