How does space feel?

Lesson 2: what is weightlessness? How do you feel in weightlessness?

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It is difficult to imagine a situation where one is not attracted to the earth. The lack of gravity is called weightlessness designated. It's like floating or sitting on a roller coaster going down.

The astronauts aboard the International Space Station are in free fall all the time. Gravity acts on the space station, but because it moves so quickly around the earth, the forward movement compensates for the fall, so that the ISS remains more or less at the same altitude. The astronauts on board the space station experience weightlessness and float around aimlessly. For them there is neither above nor below ... Below is always where their feet are.

The Russian Mir space station was commissioned in 1986. Since then, numerous astronauts have spent a lot of time on board the Mir and the ISS. Space travelers often have a variety of unpleasant experiences: they feel dizzy, sleepy and weak, suffer from poor appetite and upset stomach, and lose all sense of time and space. Fortunately, after a few days, their bodies adapt to weightlessness, and the astronauts feel calm and euphoric ...

When they return to Earth, the astronauts will have to get used to gravity again and regain their sense of balance. A Russian astronaut who had been back to Earth a few months once said how astonished he was when he saw a cup fall to the ground! In addition, the astronauts on Earth need to retrain the muscles that have regressed from not using them in space.

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