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Saturday / Sunday, June 19th / 20th, 1999: Rorschach sports weekend

El Presidente himself invited to a sporty weekend in Rorschach on beautiful Lake Constance. Five loyal souls accepted the invitation with a guarantee of calorie destruction and fun.

The weekend was peppered with interesting activities, starting with a delicious picnic lunch, continued with two hours of hard rowing training in the Seeclub Rorschach (SCR), which hosts the two world champions in double sculls, Markus and Michael Gier, and a delicious pizza meal in Rorschach, which is unfortunately no longer flooded (what it looked like before, you can look up the pages of the Rorschach Sea Club in the photo gallery ...), dignified "warm-up" in a fun bar in Staad near Rorschach (yes, the same one, already at the Bodensee Air Show IBAS'98 was honored or we were dishonored ...), followed by a disco night in the "Arena" in Buchen / Thal (a very large disco with sometimes very dignified sound), and of course excursions the yachts of the sailing school Rorschach / Hochseezentrum (HOZ SSR).

Both in terms of sport and cuisine, this weekend offered the inclined participant everything that the heart and the circulatory system desired, and if there is enough interest, we will be happy to offer this weekend again. (mro)

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Saturday, June 12th, 1999: visit to SR Technics

Another very interesting company tour took place in the early summer of 1999. Those interested in the AAGZ were invited to get to know SR Technics better.

Accompanied by a very knowledgeable guide who works on weekdays as the head of training A330 for SR Technics mechanics, we learned within two hours what the main tasks of SR Technics are, which customers belong to the representative customer base, and what the individual checks mean for workload. A brand new A330-223 was ready for a small daily check in the hangar, and we were allowed to use the opportunity to thoroughly explore and test-sit both the cabin and the cockpit.

The photo gallery shows in a small panopticon of everything that comes up and stands around at SR Technics. (mro)

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Saturday / Sunday, April 10th / 11th, 1999: Ski weekend in Davos

The invitation alone attracted the AAGZ people and even a few "guests of honor" to Davos:

"MET REPORT ALPINE SWITZERLAND: Great! Caution: Severe Party Action reported from Zurich, moving southeast.
AAGZ 007, your clearance: You are cleared direct Bündnerland, Thalwil 1 Echo departure, Squawk 3021, expect runway 6. Party-QNH Zurich 1035. Startup auxiliary party unit (APU) turbine before passing Ziegelbrücke, cross Ziegelbrücke at fiesta-level 140 ( FL140). Abeam ski area, you are cleared for ground acrobatics, report completed. Refueling possibilities on temporary base reported good. Expect some SAFC (special alcohol flight contitions) between 2000Z and 0200Z. Takeoff for next leg on Sunday is on your convenience, join leader and bambini at refueling tanker before time 1200Z. Check gyro suction and leading ability of gear prior to departure. During taxy in "ski area", taxy with caution and give way to the skier air coming from left, right, behind, above and ahead. Do not cross "vertical rock face" without permission. Pay attention to Snowboard-Air sitting on the runways without movement. If further refueling is necessary, do not use Alk-A1 fuel prior to entering "Rhaetian Railway" at 1700Z. In case of problems squawk 7400 (over-filling with Alk-A1), 7500 (kidnapped by male / female partner), 7600 (lost conscience) or 7700 (general emergency like "running out of Alk-A1", "money problems" or "Where is the next pizzeria?"). After completing ground acrobatics, taxi further on Bahnhof runway 1, and follow the SID Landquart 4 Whiskey. Expect some stomach ache enroute to Zurich, after overfueling with CALANDA-Weiz-N possible exhaust gate damage due to darm windshear. Happy flight! "

The whole ski weekend was accordingly fun and unusual. The weather on Saturday was brilliant, and the first part of Sunday was also enjoyable in terms of weather. We enjoyed ourselves wonderfully, and whoever was there will long be able to remember the unusual "chats" that half of the AAGZ entertained during the following days. Basic tenor: Great, we will definitely do it again next year! (mro)

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Wednesday, October 14th, 1998: Dübendorf inside - a look behind the scenes of a military airbase

The Dübendorf military airport did not shy away from opening its otherwise closed gates for us and - despite the conversion phase for the F / A-18 stationing - giving us an insight into every nook and cranny of the airfield. Under the expert guidance of Mr. Fankhauser of the BABLW (Federal Office for Operations of the Air Force) we were allowed to explore pretty much everything that stood, lay or flew around in terms of interesting equipment and facilities. For example, some members were allowed to take a seat in the cockpit of a TIGER F-5E interceptor and convince themselves that the view at this workstation is astonishingly obstructed, even though the "film" runs pretty quickly just below the sound limit. In addition, Fankhauser gave detailed explanations about the Mirage III, the Super Puma and the Alouette III, whereby of course touching, looking into and getting a little closer was "included in the price".

The excellent tour, organized by Mr. Schnyder, head of flight operations at Dübendorf airfield, was unfortunately overshadowed by a plane crash with fatal consequences: in the late morning, two PC-9 turboprop trainers took off from Dübendorf on a training flight. In a collision in the air over Oberuzwil (SG), one of the two pilots lost control of his aircraft and injured himself in such a way when exiting with the ejector seat that any help came too late for him. Understandably, therefore, Mr. Schnyder left us with our "guide" Mr. Fankhauser to get the accident investigations going.

(As life goes, there was also a death in an aircraft accident the day before. On the Italian side of the Simplon Pass, an alouette from the Federal Office for Aircraft Accident Investigation had crashed, and the irony of fate meant that the fatally injured pilot was none other than Guido Hirni , Aircraft Accident Investigator of the Federal Office.)

After the tour, Mr. Schnyder provided us with a reconnaissance pilot who conveyed very interesting aspects to us in a 40-minute discussion on the subject of "Seeing and being seen - civil and military aircraft in uncontrolled airspace".

Here, too, we are immediately happy to be guests again and will gladly take advantage of the invitation from the head of flight operations again. (mro)

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Wednesday, August 26th, 1998: LSZH inside - a look behind the scenes of a major airport

What had been announced for a long time, but had to be postponed several times due to the 50th anniversary of the airport, finally took place on August 26th, 1998: On this wonderful Wednesday morning we met at 9.30 a.m. at the airport train station, where our guide, Mr. Peter, met us from the Airport Authority. A few minutes later we were swinging comfortably at the airport facilities and the parked aircraft (and now and then very close to taxiing aircraft ... the Alitalia BAe-146 crew will hopefully not have taken it over - because of people like us it is always called " please remain seated until the plane has safely parked at the gate! ":-)) over.
During the three-hour tour we were able to visit many interesting facilities at the airport: the fire brigade and winter service hangars, waste management, the de-icing systems (where a Swissair B747 has just been "de-iced" with water for training purposes), the engine stand-by systems, the various stands on the apron and at the gates, as well as the tower with the apron control, which is responsible for all traffic (aircraft etc.) on the ground within the runways. At Pistenkreuz 16/28 we spent a good half an hour in close proximity to the aircraft landing and taking off, which of course gave us fans a higher pulse and red ears. The weather was great, so were the conditions, and with Mr. Peter our "V-man" Jürg Diggelmann, the Air Traffic Services manager, had organized a knowledgeable guide who, with his 27 years of service, had a lot to tell (unfortunately far too little in the short time ... we would have liked to have listened longer ...). In any case, this will not be our last visit to Kloten! (mro)

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Saturday, August 14th, 1998: AAGZ Fly-In to Fricktal-Schupfart

The sun was hot, there were only a few clouds. The weather was splendid on this Saturday afternoon, August 15, 98 over the regional airport Fricktal - Schupfart. All preparations had been made with remarkable support from the airfield: The drinks were not cold, but at least overshadowed, the salad buffet was served, the grill was lit and seating was set up with tables. It looked very promising, the second Fly 'n grill of the aviation group that was only founded in April 97 at the ETH Zurich. Much more promising than last year's, which had to be canceled at the last minute due to IMC.

We were able to set up ourselves right next to the runway, so that it was possible to observe the aircraft landing and taking off (each with the following criticism).

The participants arrived from 2 p.m. (LT), some by car ('drive' n grill '), but most of them by plane. A mixed bunch of private pilots, military pilots, an air traffic controller and many flight enthusiasts created a lively atmosphere and "varied", very varied discussions: About flying in the military, flying at Swissair, flying in the USA, that Flying by instruments ... The clearly leading topic was - how can it be otherwise - flying, which is so fascinating to all of us.

Unfortunately, two of the registered aircraft were unable to take off. One because of suspension problems, the other would not have made it over the Alps because of the clouds. Nevertheless a total of 8 aircraft and 31 people had arrived.

Around 6 p.m. this cozy gathering slowly dissolved, the grill was cooling down and the salad buffet was destroyed. The pilots flew back to their starting airfield, some with the promise to visit this newly discovered, beautifully situated airfield again soon.

All in all, this fly-in seemed to be successful and well received, the feedback was without exception positive and very positive. A fly-in 99 is already taking shape, at least in the mind. Fortunately, apart from the suspension problem and a wasp sting, there were no major incidents or accidents.

A large part of the success is thanks to Herbert Ebner and Nick ...... It was they who made this event possible in the first place, and who made the most important things available to us. An example of the generous courtesy of the airport management was the offer to offer the pilots the first landing so that they could make a second safety landing for exercise purposes. On behalf of the AAGZ and all participants, I would like to thank you again very much for your active support and help. (awa)

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Thursday to Sunday, 6-9.8.98: International Bodensee Air Show '98

The IBAS '98 was actually already on the AAGZ schedule. However, we expected to arrive as paying guests in eastern Switzerland by around mid-July. But then came the invitation from Cedric Gitchenko, responsible coordinator for seaplanes at IBAS '98, which we couldn't resist: We should provide some AAGZ people who look after the seaplane crews at the air show. And so we drove to Eastern Switzerland on Wednesday evening, 5.8.98, where Röhri introduced the delegation to the customs and localities of Eastern Switzerland (with great success, three to two for the alcohol :-)), and certain members the slowness the service got so on the mind that they proceeded to self-service with more or less success ... Greetings to Christian Pachlatko, Andy Wagner, Patrik Kobler (he already knew Eastern Switzerland and therefore kept himself under control), Marc Suter and Philippe Herschke.

In any case, the following day after a short night "at Röhri's" we were able to follow Cedric's explanations with all possible effort, but then we did our job faithfully and to the full satisfaction of the crews, which on Thursday their sometimes bizarre birds Set the slope in St.Gallen-Altenrhein.

Four days followed, on which we enjoyed absolute fool's freedom at the airport: Equipped with a Superpeppi badge (one with which you can get in everywhere) and a camera, we were always welcome everywhere, be it in the crew tent, where we looked after the various crews , from the Austrian Saab 105 riders to the small seaplane pilot with his "Lake Renegade", in the cockpit of the Crossair Jumbolino (greetings to the nice flight attendants who get into hyper with a lit "EXIT" lamp. .. "are you that gsii ???") or at the food counter ("ouh nei, hend she hüttscho against Brootwürscht? That makes us shitty!").

It's just a shame that no more AAGZ people took advantage of this unique opportunity! We are definitely looking forward to the next time! (mro)

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Saturday, July 25th, 1998: Our competition winner blew up

On July 25th the long-awaited day for Christian Tobler, the winner of our advertising week competition, was finally here. The ETH food technology student redeemed his Akroflug voucher and went into the air with an experienced acro pilot in a Bücker biplane from Porrentruy airfield. Christian was thrilled with the flight. We have included a few pictures from this event below, and if you would like to be chauffeured through the air in a different way, please contact our Vice President Susanne Korfitsen. She mediates these aerobatics. (mro)

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June 8-11, 1998: AAGZ advertising week at Zurich universities

In the week of June 8-11, 1998, the AAGZ carried out an advertising campaign at the Zurich universities. We were present on Monday at the ETH Zentrum, on Tuesday in front of the Uni Zentrum, on Wednesday at the Uni Irchel, and on Thursday at the ETH Hönggerberg. The success of the advertising week was very much to the satisfaction of the organizers. We were able to recruit a number of new and very motivated members, the demand for parachutes. and paragliding training was so high that we were able to distribute around 100 brochures each from our paragliding partner flight school Sky Center and from the parachute partner flight school Fallschirmgruppe Sittertal. In addition, there are around 350 thrown in competition salons and the decision to add an aircraft of their own due to extremely high demand. For this purpose, a separate group was set up to deal with the financing, procurement and operation of the aircraft. The PPL training was also in great demand - our Reto "Peppi" Strobl will have to travel to the USA several times before he has trained all interested parties. In the photo gallery you can find some pictures of the Werbaktoin. (mro)

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6/12/98: Great success at the AAGZ's '98 advertising week

I am happy to say that the 1998 promotion was a great success for AAGZ. We have achieved our goal of recruiting new members - following the principle of "quality over quantity". Four new members are already "wrapped up", more than twenty more have obtained registration documents at the booth, and more have emailed their interest in membership. I expect around 30-40 new members in the end, i.e. based on
a longer period of time, as some will only register at the beginning of an apprenticeship

This brings us to the second point, training. A good dozen people interested in powered flight training, again as many for CVFR and voice courses, around fifty to sixty people interested in parachute jumps and training, around thirty people interested in paragliding, and even around five people who are training to be a helicopter (two of them must be in Switzerland ... !) want to complete.

In addition, the Zurich paragliding club "Paranoia" is looking for us: The president of this large club, Roland Herzog, was at our booth and suggested a partnership, for which I have signaled great interest (discussions will start next week).

There are also around 250 participants in the competition, ten of whom were lucky enough to win the prizes.

I do not want to withhold an email inbox from many who encourage us:

Dear AAGZ board member

When I visited the "good old" ETH library yesterday
visited, I happened upon your information booth! I am
simply enthusiastic when I ask myself a little why I am
I didn't think of something like that when I was a student
to wind up with ...

What the heck - I congratulate you and would like to join you!

That speaks for itself!

With love

5/25/98: New web layout

Once again, the web has been radically redesigned to make it even faster and more user-friendly. The menu navigation has now become significantly clearer, and a new background image makes you dream of departing into the sunset.

With love

May 20, 1998: Training at the AAGZ

A look at the individual sub-divisions of the AAGZ is enough to see: There is now also solid training at fair prices at the AAGZ! After six months of negotiations, we have found competent partners in all flight sectors who offer training for us at fair prices. Take a look for yourself to see what we have on offer!

Best Regards

April 22, 1998: Simulator evening at HORIZON Swiss Flight Academy

(mro) On April 22nd, 1998, a good dozen AAGZ members accepted the invitation of our "HORIZON man" Cédric Gitchenko to the sacred simulator halls of the Horizon Swiss Flight Academy in Bülach. These simulator evenings are otherwise with a financial outlay of more than 200 SFr. afflicted. But thanks to the good relationship with Horizon and thanks to Cédric, we were able to "hog" the Seneca and Archer / Warrior simulators for two full hours, absolutely free of charge. Of course, everyone made use of this opportunity, and so ILS approaches to Rwy 14 in Kloten and traffic lanes in Grenchen were scrubbed until after ten o'clock in the evening. A really instructive and great evening that we would like to repeat.

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10/17/97: New AAGZ Web is active

There is no need to explain where the new AAGZ Web can be found ... after all, you're on it now! After a week of stress I managed the promised "refresher". I think the new design is not terribly catastrophic ... but if you have suggestions or criticisms: ideas and corrections are always welcome. Just email me!

Best Regards

5/30/97: METEOSAT server crash

May 23, 1997 was a black day in the history of the satellite department of Nottingham University (these guys provide us with the great METEOSAT slideshow). They had a server crash that stole their entire image archive - several hundred thousand satellite images. If he had been able, the webmaster of the university would have shed tears on the e-mail that reached me on May 24th. Now the server is up and running again and, as usual, you will receive a satellite film from the last 24 hours. The last frame again at most 59 minutes old ...

A grieving Röhri

7.5.97: We are on the ETHZ Apache server!

On May 7, 1997 the time had finally come: the big "Züglete" from swix, who had loyal to us for six months and provided endless server space, had happened on the APACHE server at ETH Zurich. It is now clear why Reto Ambühler, the IT manager for the server, got gray hairs: After an email war of around ten weeks, we found the error why the ftp was not working: Wrong username ... (and not Password or something ...) There are things. At this point, many thanks again to Mr. Reto Ambühler - we are infinitely grateful for the virtual domain, the space and your commitment!

That’s it

Your Röhri

6.5.97: First AAGZ film evening and newly distributed Ämtli

On May 6, 1997, the AAGZ presented the first film evening with the official film about the Farnborough Air Show 1996. After all, more than twenty people attended the event, and another evening is already being planned (film ideas are very welcome). On the touchdown evening that followed, Ämtli were distributed (small, but important ...). The new representatives are: Advertising in general: Sascha Gassmann; T-shirts: Viktor X .; Air Show Sion: Marc Suter; Summer fly-in in the south of France: Patrik Kobler, Andreas Wagner.

Last but not least, our page now has a news ticker where you can find out the latest in thirty seconds, and various other nice JAVA applets.

Well then, cheers! And CU!
Your Röhri

7.4.97: New improvements to the homepage

On April 7th, the time had come again: In three hours of work, the homepage received two more pages: On the shop page, you can now get absolute bargains. Of course we only sell the best quality, of course!

In addition, there is the weather page, which is simply unparalleled in terms of outfit ... 8-) In any case, you are up to date around the clock when it comes to the weather!

Some of the effects have also been removed ... we are relying more on information instead of FX's (it's faster for that). As soon as one can assume that 95% of all Internet users in this world work with frames-processing HTML programs, we will subject the pages to an all-round treatment - we can then, for example, omit all the stupid buttons to the other pages. . today can't process all frames, and then panic is the order of the day if you want to zap. So you (still) have the opportunity to zap with button help.

So then ... it's already half past twelve ... I think the Russan san doo. Good night and CU!
Your Röhri

1.4.97: Founding meeting of the AAGZ on 1.4.1997

On April 1, 1997, the ceremonial founding meeting took place in HG E33.2 of the ETH Zurich. Unfortunately, due to the semester break, only five loyal souls found their way to ETH, which is why the founding was all the more motivated.

CU ... Your webmaster Röhri

5.2.97: Improvements to the homepage

On January 25th, 1997 I poured my heart and soul for over nine hours (!) For the first time to redesign the page with frames and scroll bars. Now it is equipped with a permanent menu on the left side and a title bar.

On January 29, 1997, the CASH editorial team kindly released an interesting article about private pilot training for us to upload. You can find him at the bottom of this page.

On February 1st, 1997, I worked hard again. Since then, the questionnaire has been an aesthetic masterpiece, I initially reduced the oh-so-great blinking effects (saves time and nerves), and some rotating ETH logos had to give way. Our star designer and typographer, Pascal Meroz from Biel, has "groomed" the graphics, they are now just a third as big as before with the same resolution.

Otherwise all the best and good luck, be it in your studies or in the air!

Your Röhri

3.1.97: The idea arises

The 3rd of January 1997 is something like the day on which the universe prepared the Big Bang for the first time. The idea didn't quite come up, but almost overnight, the first basic features have now emerged ... well, let's let the idea mature a little and see what becomes of it! And of course the article below invites the thought of whether something could be done - at least for students ...!