Acne soap causes dry skin

Black soap is said to help with skin problems like acne and eczema

The natural product is dark brown to black and smells wonderfully of sandalwood and lemon. You might think that the foam is also dark, but the more you lather the wash bar, the whiter the foam becomes. You have the feeling that the lather almost pulls the sebum out of your skin, what a slight feeling of tension in the first few days can lead. A rich moisturizer helps against this.


The black soap prevents excessive oil production the skin and reduces the growth ofBacteria. These are the two main triggers for acne, pimples, and blackheads. The skin is so to speak deeply cleansed by the black soap, which can lead to the skin's appearance deteriorating slightly in the first one to two weeks. Once you have survived this phase, the skin regenerates and appears clear, healthy and pure. The feeling of tension should be gone completely, because the high content of shea butter provides the skin with sufficient care. Allegedly If used regularly, the black soap also helps against dandruff and neurodermatitis.


Everyone has to find out for themselves whether the natural product is a real miracle cure. You come across numerous positive testimonials online, but every skin reacts differently. It is definitely worth a try! The bar of soap can be ordered online (for example here!) or buy it in African shops. A soap costs around that six euros.

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