What happens when you scrap a car

We also explain what costs you will have to pay, where you can save money and what you need to consider when disposing of your vehicle.

If you want to scrap your car, there are a few points that you should definitely keep in mind. We explain step by step how and where you can dispose of your car.

  • Where can I have the car scrapped?
  • What does the disposal of my car cost?
  • Do I have to deregister my car?
  • What documents do I need for scrapping?

Where can I have the car scrapped?

There are numerous collection points where you can have your car scrapped. But you always have to keep one thing in mind: It has to be a certified collection point that will dispose of your car in an environmentally friendly manner. You have two possible points of contact for disposal, which we present to you in more detail here.

Recycling operation

A recycling company will dispose of your car. It is important that it is a certified acceptance point. This ensures environmentally friendly disposal. Some recyclers even offer to pick up the car directly from you on site. But pay attention to whether you will be charged additional costs for this. Depending on the company, there are also costs for the recycling of your car. You should also clarify this in advance. On-site collection and scrapping usually cost around 100 euros each.

You can find a certified recycling company in your area here: GESA

Brand dealers

Since January 1, 2007, dealers and importers have had to take back vehicles of their brand free of charge (Section 3 Obligation to Take Back Old Vehicles Ordinance). The law applies to vehicles of class M1 and N1:

  • Definition of class M1: Class M1 vehicles are used to transport passengers and may have a maximum of eight seats in addition to the driver's seat.
  • Definition of class N1: Class N1 includes motor vehicles that transport goods and may not exceed a permissible total weight of up to 3.5 tons.

If your vehicle can no longer be driven and it is to be transported to the manufacturer for return, you will have to pay the costs yourself. If your car is roadworthy and you can still use it, you can bring it there yourself.

There must be a return option from the dealer throughout Germany within a radius of 50 kilometers from your place of residence. To ensure this, many cooperate with certified collection points and dismantling companies. The companies are then obliged to accept your vehicle.

You can find out where your retailer's closest return option is either on the manufacturer's website or by calling.

In order to have your car scrapped by the dealer, it does not matter whether you bought the vehicle from the manufacturer or used it from a private person. The manufacturer must take the car back from the last owner.

In order for the dealer to take your car back, it must meet the following requirements:

  • No essential parts and components (such as drive, body, chassis, catalytic converter or electronic control units) may be missing.
  • The vehicle registration document (= registration certificate part II) must be available.
  • You are not allowed to hand in any waste regardless of the car (for example a child seat, self-installed music boxes, residual waste).

Why do I have to have my car disposed of?

Vehicles contain environmentally harmful components and pollutants that endanger the environment. It is therefore important that you have the car disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner by a professional company. A car also contains valuable raw materials such as steel, copper, light and precious metals, glass, tires and plastics. The raw materials can be recycled to a high quality. In this way you contribute to the conservation of resources.

By the way: You are not allowed to park vehicles without registration or license plates in public parking lots or traffic routes. Otherwise you have to expect a fine of 60 euros and one point in Flensburg. If you try to "dispose of" your car like this, it is illegal waste disposal. The fine for this is usually at least 4,000 euros.

What does it cost to dispose of my car?

The professional and environmentally friendly disposal of an end-of-life vehicle costs the recycler around 100 euros. Some recycling companies pass the amount on to you. But there is also the free option of having your car scrapped by the brand dealer. In any case, however, you have to reckon with 10 euros for deregistering the car.

get money

If a dismantling company can still resell parts of your car, there is a possibility that you can even get money for your old car or that you will be waived any disposal costs.

Whether parts of your car can still be resold depends on the condition and model. In order to get a good price for your car, it is worth negotiating well. You should therefore find out more from various companies and obtain several price proposals.

Scrapping costs

If you can't sell parts of your car, the car will be completely scrapped. Some providers charge money for this. Here, too, we recommend that you inquire about the costs at several recycling companies. The costs for scrapping are usually around 100 euros.

Costs for additional services

If you take advantage of additional services, you usually have to pay for them. Additional services can be, for example, picking up your car from your home or deregistering the car. In any case, you should inquire about the amount of the costs beforehand at the company. Depending on the distance from the disposal company, a collection costs around 100 euros. Deregistration of the car by the disposal company is usually free of charge.

Free disposal by the dealer

As described above, you can have your car scrapped through your brand dealer. The disposal is then free of charge for you. However, if you make use of additional services from the waste disposal company with which your dealer works, you will have to pay for them yourself.

Cancellation costs

Finally, you have to deregister your car. This costs between 6 and 10 euros. You can find out how to deregister your car in the next section.

Do I have to deregister my car?

If you're scrapping your car, you'll need to deregister it. We explain how and where you can unsubscribe and what you need to do so.

You can deregister your car here

You can de-register your old car at your responsible vehicle registration authority. This is where you usually registered your car. You can find out the licensing authority responsible for you on the website of your municipality or city or by calling.

Often times, the waste disposal company takes over the logging out for you. However, you should note whether you will incur additional costs. If you make use of the service, you should definitely have the disposal company give you a copy of the certificate of destruction.

You have to bring this with you to de-register

You must bring the following documents with you so that you can de-register your car with the registration authority:

  • the certificate of destruction (issued by your certified waste disposal company)
  • both license plates (don't forget to unscrew!)
  • the vehicle registration document and the vehicle registration document

We have summarized everything about the topic again in great detail for you in this guide: De-registering your car.

What documents do I need for scrapping?

As you have read, you will need some documents to scrap your car. So that you don't forget anything, we have clearly listed all documents again:

  • the vehicle registration certificate (= registration certificate part I) for deregistration at the registration office
  • the vehicle registration document (= registration certificate part II) for disposal by a certified company and the de-registration at the registration office
  • the Proof of destruction your certified waste disposal company for deregistration at the registration office
  • both police Mark for deregistering at the admissions office

Time for a new car

If you have now successfully scrapped and deregistered your car, it is time to buy a new car. We have put together a checklist and important tips for buying a car for you so that you know exactly what to look for in your new vehicle.

We wish you a good trip all the time! Your Allianz Direct

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