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In India, a prisoner dies because the ambulance refused to reach for him in the quarantine center

No ambulance shipping for the inmate who needed an ambulance in Balasore, India. The quarantined prisoner practically "died" because the area is banned.

The victim is Bipin Bihari Mallick, 23 years old. He was with his brother when he felt uncomfortable on Wednesday night. and no ambulance grabbed him. They returned from Mumbai, India, where they were staying at the Temporary Medical Center (TMC) set up on the Jalada Nodal School site.


No ambulance shipping for Bipin in Balasore, India

On Wednesday evening, Bipin complained of severe chest pain and his brother immediately called for an ambulance. But no ambulance arrived. The dispatchers who received the calls allegedly refused to send an ambulance to the TMC center.

The reason? The prohibited area the patient was in the moment he needed medical attention. When Bipin's brother realized the ambulance wouldn't arrive, he prepared a bike and transported Bipin to the CHC (Community Health Center). By the time he got there, however, Bipin was already dead.

On the other hand, the CHC doctor would allegedly refuse to admit Bipin to the hospital because he was in a quarantine center.

A doctor from Soro CHC Satyanarayan Nayak stated that since the person was not affected by coronavirus disease, the person was allegedly hospitalized. The cause of death appeared to be a heart attack (link to the source below).

Following this incident, the Khaira police reached the CHC and initiated an investigation.



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