What is signal processing in audio

Internship content

The professorship for audio signal processing deals with various topics from which practical tasks are set with reference to current research, to which solutions should be found after a literature search:

  • Virtual acoustics and virtual reality
  • Room acoustics simulation
  • Hearing aid algorithms
  • Cochlear implants (neuroprostheses) and their algorithms
  • Modeling of auditory processes, also neural
  • (Binaural) psychoacoustics and listening tests
  • Applications in sound quality and acoustic non-destructive testing

The participants deal with a selected current project topic from audio signal processing under supervision. On the basis of current publications and, if necessary, additional tutorials by the supervisor, solutions for the internship task are developed in the team. The project work in a team allows the participants to apply the acquired knowledge to realistic and practical challenges.

The final grade consists of the following examination elements:

  • Processing of a project based on the current research at the AIP with evaluation within regular discussions with the assigned supervisor (research assistant) about the progress of the work and the further procedure (40%)
  • Written documentation of the results achieved in the internship in the project report (40%)
  • 15-minute presentation of the results followed by a 5-minute colloquium (20%)


  • Basics of system theory and audio signal processing
  • Basics of acoustics and psychoacoustics
  • Basics of computer science, Matlab and C ++


You can register for the internship via TUMOnline.