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Corona: For attorney Reiner Füllmich it is clear: PCR tests are only a "scare-mongering tool". In the interview, the lawyer from Göttingen attacks virologist Christian Drosten and RKI boss Lothar Wieler.

  • in the corona-interview attacked with the Fuldaer Zeitung Pure filling me LotharWieler and Christian Drosten violently.
  • The Lawyer says that the boss of the Robert Koch Institute and the Charité-Virologist make "false claims".
  • "The PCR-Testing are obviously just a tool for Scaremongering“Is one of the corona-theses of PurerFill me.
Mr. Füllmich, you represent companies that have suffered losses due to corona requirements. Who are you suing with your team?
We are suing those who claim that PCR-test recognize Infections. Above all, these are the virologist Prof. Dr. Christian Drosten and Lothar Wieler, President of the Robert Koch Institute. The complaints are also targeted Politicianwho relied on Drosten and Wieler's advice. In court we will ask why politicians did not also hear other experts - such as the Nobel Prize winner and Stanford professor John Ioannidis (Editor's note: Post research reveals that John Ioannidis never received a Nobel Prize): According to him that is virus much less dangerous than it Drosten and the RKI claim. He has calculated that 0.14 percent of the corona-Sick die. This means that the coronavirus is no more dangerous than the flu.

"Corona scaremongering": Füllmich attacks Drosten (Charité) and Wieler (RKI) sharply

The restrictions were ordered by the federal and state governments. Why don't you sue them?
We want to hold the people responsible - civil and criminal law - who are responsible in every case. We start where we are sure to be successful.


The interview With Dr. Pure filling me was conducted at the beginning of November 2020. It was published on November 11, 2020 in the printed Fuldaer Zeitung and also online in a slightly abbreviated version on November 11, 2020 fuldaerzeitung.de.

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What are you accusing the medical experts of?
If we gentlemen Drosten and Wieler prove in court that you have deliberately lied, then there is willful immoral damage according to Section 826 of the German Civil Code (BGB). In the taking of evidence, of course, the politics have to answer.

Video: Covid-19: These tests are now available

Even if Drosten and Wieler's advice were wrong, they are not responsible for the lockdown.
The politics has the council to Lockdown of Drosten and Wieler familiar. The two made two false claims: They say there are asymptomatic ones Infections - so people without Signs of illness could spread the virus - and the infection could spread PCR-Testing to be established. The people who run this False claims spread, are liable for it. We will be ahead dish also prove that the PCR-Testing are not suited to a infection to prove.
The Robert Koch Institute explains that the accuracy of the PCR test is almost 100 percent if performed and evaluated correctly.
However, it is about correct implementation. in the PCR-Procedures, traces of the virus genome are reproduced - in many cycles. In Germany all tests are obviously passed through a great many Cycles trimmed to high values ​​in order to produce as many positive results as possible. A positive result does not mean, however, that the affected person will in every case contagious is. Even genetic components of an earlier one flu can lead to a positive result.
The problem is the high number of cycles in the analysis?
Amongst other things. The New York Times reports that the majority of the actually false positives PCR-Results in the US at such high cycleValues. There it is discussed to generally reject tests with more than 30 cycles. The Frankfurt Health Department is now discussing everything correctly and from 25 Cycles to ignore.
If the dangerousness of the Coronavirus at 0.14 percent and thus at the level of a flu lies, and the PCR-Tests are mostly false positive, then something becomes highly dangerous illness exaggerated what it really isn't. The PCR-Tests are obviously only one Tool to Scare tactics.

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Background: Dr. Pure filling me

The Attorney Dr. Pure filling me polarized. For the corona-Criticist he's a star. From the point of view of his opponents, he spreads theseswhich have already been refuted many times. For 26 years Fill me as Lawyer in Germany and in California active - including as Litigator against corporations like Deutsche Bank, Volkswagen and HypoVereinsbank. Now he lies down with the corona-Measures by the German state. His explanations, by wrong Measurement method would the corona-Infection numbers Artificially increased so that citizens accept the restriction of their civil rights are widespread on the Internet and on social media. Fill me is one of the founders of a "corona-Committee“In which in hearings especially critic the corona-activities to speak.

Again: The RKI says that the PCR test is extremely precise when done correctly.
Then why not do the tests correctly? Why does Drosten then, against better judgment, 45 cycles? Why, against my better judgment, is usually only one Gene sequence examined - and not six as it is the Chinese have suggested? Their method is much more precise, but it is obviously the goal in the western world, as many positive as possible, but just false positive cases to produce. At this pandemic is it a Test pandemic.
If the positive results are mostly wrong and Corona is as dangerous as the flu, how do the many deaths come about - in Italy, Spain, the USA?
Here in Germany there is none at all year-on-year Excess mortality occurred. This is also due to the good health system. As far as foreign countries are concerned, the question of causation must by no means be simplified. Grievances in Healthcare, excessive medical treatments prescribed for fear, and a particularly old population in Italy - you cannot simply subsume everything under the dangerousness of a virus without examining further circumstances in more detail. But you obviously needed Panic imagesto keep the population in shock and to prevent anyone from starting to ask questions. These horror images came off Bergamo and from new York. I was in the US at the time. I partially live there and am licensed to practice law in California.
What did you hear there?
My friend Wolfgang Wodarg, Pulmonologist and ex-SPD member of the Bundestag, has excellent relationships with doctors in New York. Some hospitals were overcrowded, by no means all. The one sent by the military Hospital ship 1000 beds were occupied by 20 or 30 patients. The hospitals affected also suffer annually Flu season under states that professor Ioannidis described as a "war zone" (theater of war).

Background: The criticism of Dr. Pure filling me

But there are heavy arguments about Füllme’s arguments criticism. The vast majority of Virologists holds the PCR-Tests for a reliable way to get a infection With corona-Viruses ascertain. That too Robert Koch Institute do it. Drosten contradicted the critics in a podcast by NDR:

“The diagnostics laboratories in Germany work according to the in vitro diagnostics guideline with certified tests. They work under a continuous quality control system that completely systemically excludes all these speculations from any conspiracy theorists. "

There are also doubts about Füllme’s legal argumentation: Prof. Dr. Robert Magnus from the University of Bayreuth does not see the causality: "Politicians are free in their decision - also about which experts they ask and whether they follow their advice," he explained to tagesschau.de.

Also Burkhard Hess, Professor at the Max Planck Institute Luxembourg, sees them complain critical in the USA. He refers to a landmark decision by the US Supreme Court. Accordingly, US courts are generally not allowed to accept class actions from foreign injured parties for foreign offenses. However, wants Fill me yes first of all American plaintiffs US courts represented. Before that, he wants one Wave of lawsuits kick off in German courts.

How did the high death toll come about?
This question also has a complex background. Through the panic are people into that Hospitals stormed the one small infection otherwise would have cured at home. On the wards, they may have with you Hospital germs infected, or they were treated in too high doses with agents such as Hydroxichloroquinewho the mortality have increased - especially among colored people, who are often under Favism suffer and therefore often cannot tolerate this drug. In Italy and New York too many patients were approached very early Ventilators connected that for a long time Use fatal consequences can have.
But there were not only many corona deaths in New York, but all over the USA - 240,000 so far.
330 million people live in the USA, around 7,300 of whom die every day, that shouldn't be forgotten. Of the 9.9 million who tested positive, approximately 0.2 percent died. However, it is not specified here whether they are with or on corona died. The absolute number can be frightening because it is not related to other deaths.

Background PCR test

In the corona test, substance is taken from the patient's mucous membrane, usually from the throat. It searches for viruses. Because the quantities for detection are too small, the genetic material of the virus is replicated - using the polymerase chain reaction (PCR).

Why are you suing in the USA?
In America, it is much easier for a multitude of plaintiffs to conflict with one another Class action bundles. There is nothing like it in Germany. If a consumer sues a powerful corporation, the right of proof is also in the United States fairer.
There are several Class actions. The plaintiffs are mostly American Entrepreneurwho claim their damage. In the process, the Plaintiff say that there are millions more worldwide Injured party gives. They will request that everyone who passes through the Drosten-Tests and the Lockdowns is damaged like herself, also as Plaintiff is allowed. German companies too.

Background: YouTube video

His speech, in which he describes the Corona measures as a “criminal against humanity”, was shared 670,000 times on YouTube - the English version even more than a million times.

Which US court do you want to sue?
That'll be decided in a few weeks. But first we strike here in Germany. The Findings of fact we then also use it in the USA.
Where in Germany do you want to sue?
We are suing those responsible to the Courtswhere this is possible. The Charge allows at all 200 courts in Germany Compensation to complain, and it will happen now. We represent companies that say: that's enough for me, I want to know, and the costs are irrelevant.
Do you want to seek compensation in court or are you pursuing a political goal?
For me it is about both - or better said us: We are a group of more than 100 lawyers. Originally it was just about damages. But the question of political responsibility is at least as important.

Background: The claim for damages

As a fee for participation in their class action suit - in US law "class action suit" - the lawyers demand an advance payment of 800 euros plus VAT. If the lawsuit is successful, the law firms involved will also claim ten percent of the amount won as a contingency fee.

The proceedings can drag on for years.
Yes. But we believe that the course will be set at an early stage. The courts will take evidence. The question is: What can they do? PCR-Testing really? We assume that things will move very quickly if, for example, via the connection of Christian Drosten and the entrepreneur Olfert Landt is publicly discussed.
On November 2, the Dortmund District Court declared the Corona restrictions invalid because they are based on a government ordinance, not on a law of the Bundestag. How do you rate the judgment - against which the public prosecutor has already filed a complaint?
That's a very good judgment. It is in line with decisions of the Austrian Constitutional Court and many American courts: the government is allowed to stay for a few days Emergency response seize. Longer cuts, such as we had and are having in Germany, are only allowed Legislator decide on. There is a public discussion there - also about the questions: What is the point of one mask, and what shows one PCR-test?
The Bundestag now wants to clarify the Infection Protection Act: The cuts that the state may order should be determined more precisely.
That comes too late, but at least there is now a discussion about what the Country may and may not order.
Will there really be an open discussion?
What is visible on the surface is not all of reality. The second and third rows in the political groups have a very different view. We have received signals from many members of the Bundestag CDU/CSU and the SPD, also the Greens, and of course the AfD to get. The MPs ask us: Are there no alternatives to Lockdown? How great the power of the front row still is, that remains to be seen.