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in direct into direct
In this case, the imported molluscs would not come in direct Contact with natural community waters.
In such situations, the imported molluscs will not come in direct contact with natural waters in the community.
The scenic backgrounds and face landscapes are in direct Relationship to each other.
The background settings and the facial images are placed in direct relationship to one another.
They bring us in direct and indirect alliances with the world of satan.
They bring us into direct and indirect alliances with the world of satan.
478. We divide bacteria in direct and indirect destroyers.
We divide harmful micro-organisms into direct and indirect destroyers.
It is crucial that the parties now quickly find their way in direct Find negotiations.
It is decisive that the parties now quickly find the way to direct negotiations.
This is linked to the following goals: firstly, the best possible freedom from hierarchies and secondly, the introduction of young people in direct Democracy.
The following objectives are involved: Firstly, the best possible freedom of hierarchy and secondly the introduction of young persons to direct democracy.
The OWB was supposed to be a Bernese railway company in direct Compete with the SCB.
The OWB was to compete as a Bern-based railway company in direct competition with the SCB.
This is particularly energy-efficient because a large part of the energy is used in direct Heat is converted.
This is particularly energy-efficient, as a large part of the energy used is converted into direct heat.
In general, this can in direct and indirect procedures.
These can generally be divided into direct and indirect methods.
Every action group is in direct and indirect uses.
Each Action Group is sub-divided into direct and indirect usages.
Our ships don't get into that in direct Confrontation with the Chinese, but air strikes are possible from there.
This won't put our ships in direct confrontation with the Chinese vessels, but it will put them within reach of air strikes.
A method according to claim 1, wherein the steaming takes place in a mixer and the steam in direct Contact with the starchy ingredient occurs.
The method according to claim 1, wherein said steaming occurs in a mixer whereby steam is in direct contact with said ingredient having starch.
So if China really wants peace, it has to accept the Dalai Lama's political role and in direct Enter into negotiations with him.
That is why, if the Chinese authorities really want peace, they must accept the political role of the Dalai Lama and enter into direct negotiations with him.
And therein lies one of the explanations for the Adjuster's difficulty in direct To connect with the material mind that is constantly inhabited by him.
And therein reads one explanation of the Adjuster's difficulty in engaging in direct communication with the material mind of its constant indwelling.
Inextricably linked with it are clever song lyrics, reflections on the course of the world in directuse witty or poetic words.
This is inextricably linked to clever song lyrics, which clothe reflections about the way of the world in direct, cunning or poetic words.
Duisburg now had direct access to the rivers again and stepped in direct Competition with the Ruhrort ports.
Duisburg had now again direct connection to the rivers and entered into direct competition to the Ruhrort harbors.
The method of claim 27 including the step of providing the receptacles with communicating openings around the respective cavities in direct To bring connection.
The method of claim 27, comprising the step of providing the sockets with communicating openings to put in direct communication corresponding cavities.
As an additional source of funding for this program, the awards referred to in Article 21 in direct Bonuses for the agricultural producer are converted as a contribution to environmental protection and rural development.
As a supplementary source of funding for this program, the premiums allocated in Article 21 may be converted into direct premiums for agricultural producers in line with environmental protection and rural development objectives.
On the other hand, even a trial with three diseases would not and could easily provide consumers and patients with information on the full range of therapies in direct Consumer advertising degenerates.
On the other hand, even a three disease trial would not give consumers and patients information on the range of therapies and could easily slip into direct to consumer advertising.
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