Why is cloud9 ide so flawed

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Cloud 9 F-104 - what a bummer !!!!

So damn it. I just got curious and got the part.

39.99 - it's supposed to be so much better than Captain Sim's.

Well. Put the CD in - and enter the combination of digits given on the CD case.

Installation starts. Fine.

Will also be ended without an error message

I reboot the computer - and start the flight simulator. Everything at its finest - it's included in the aircraft selection.

I choose one - * zack * - end.

Error message, in - IMHO - wild English: "The eSalessessment-Engine cannot be found."

Twice on o.k. clicked - "the registration code is not found".

On OK. clicked - * zack * I'm back on the desktop and the FS is closed.

I leaf through the instructions:

No authentication menu with a code that you have to send to a countercode when you are not on the Internet in order to receive a code that unlocks the product.

Nothing. Just the two error messages - and off.

Then I - sorry - "dirt" uninstalled again, exactly according to the instructions.

Flusi opened - still this stupid message.

As expected: The entries in the aircraft cfg. were of course not deleted. Deleted, rebooted, started the FS.

Again these stupid messages:

Searched in the "registry" - and there they were, the entries from Cloud 9.

Deleted - and now it's quiet again.

I still have the so damn "unrealistic" F-104 from Captain Sim. At least it flies - and doesn't require internet registration.

I have such a neck!

39.99 € - shot out of the window. What's going on there?

Kind regards