What happens to an EEG under anesthesia

Behavior on the day of the operation

Eat Drink

You can eat and drink milk up to 6 hours before the anesthetic. Babies can be breast-fed up to 4 hours before the operation. You or your child can drink clear liquids (e.g. coffee, tea, juices without pulp, lemonade or mineral water) up to 2 hours before the operation. Drinks with a high milk content, such as latte macchiato, are not allowed.


On the morning of the day of the operation, please only take those medications (e.g. blood pressure tablets) that the anesthetist discussed with you in the pre-medication meeting. About 30-60 minutes before the operation you will be given a medication to calm you down, if this has been agreed with you in the pre-medication meeting. In the event that no sedative medication was initially requested, but you are still very excited and / or afraid, please contact the ward staff immediately

Other notes

Please note that you must take off jewelry and removable dentures before transporting them to the operating area. Your fingernails must not be varnished and please do not apply any make-up or highly moisturizing face creams on the day of the operation. You are welcome to wash and shave before the operation. For example, a beard can make it difficult to ventilate during general anesthesia.

Further process

You will then be driven to the operating theater by the nursing staff and / or the transport service. Before starting the anesthesia, a blood pressure cuff, an EKG (heart rate measurement) and a pulse oximetry (oxygen meter) are put on to monitor your cardiovascular situation, and EEG electrodes are affixed to your forehead to measure the depth of anesthesia. In addition, a plastic cannula will be placed in a vein in your arm, through which the anesthetics and infusion solutions will later be given.

To induce anesthesia, oxygen is inhaled beforehand through an anesthetic mask. We'll tell you when we inject the medication to help you fall asleep. After that you will slowly fall asleep and when you are sleeping deeply enough, the operation can begin.