Why can't we manage our resources sustainably?

Invest in the future by conserving resources

Green building saves 1,000 tons of CO2 per year

Siemens City is located at the traditional Siemensstrasse location in Vienna's 21st district, Floridsdorf. The building is characterized by a particularly sustainable construction and the use of the most modern and highly efficient building technology. In Siemens City, for example, geothermal energy is used. 120 deep piles with a one meter diameter and 30 meters deep in the ground are used to heat the offices in winter and to cool them in summer. The cables laid in the piles and ceilings of the offices make concrete core activation possible, which ensures a pleasant room climate. 200 square meters of solar panels provide solar hot water, while the heat exchangers in the building services center on the roof of Siemens City enable 75 percent of the heat to be recovered from the exhaust air energy. All energy efficiency measures can save around 1,000 tons of CO2 annually. Siemens City therefore also belongs to the group of green buildings awarded by the EU.

City for 6,000 people

Around 4,100 Siemens employees are currently employed at the Siemensstrasse site - 3,000 of them work in the new Siemens City buildings. The starting shot for the settlement of Siemens City was in December 2009. Siemens City consists of the two newly constructed building parts Tower and Nordspange as well as surrounding buildings on the company premises on Siemensstrasse, which have already been used. An important conceptual idea is networking - on the one hand through the interconnection of the new buildings with the surrounding natural space and through the meeting of colleagues from the various business areas in one place. These processes should be facilitated by an orientation of the building geared towards openness and communication. This is best seen through the Communication Line, the "connecting line" between the parts of the building, which is designed as a central meeting point.

Landmark with 55 meter tower

The 55 meter high tower sets the urban accent of Siemens City. The architectural form of the 12-storey building results from an inviting, opening gesture towards the main direction of arrival, Siemensstrasse (S-Bahn station). The gestures represent the connection between an open, transparent corporate culture and future-oriented courage and pioneering spirit. The architectural planning of Siemens City comes from the Viennese architecture firm Soyka / Silber / Soyka, which was commissioned together with the City of Vienna after an international competition.

Figures, data and facts about Siemens City

  • Investment costs: 150 million euros
  • Land area (Siemensstrasse location): 402,454 m²
  • Total gross floor area (GFA): 81,500 m²
  • GFA Tower: 36,800 m²
  • GFA Nordspange: 32,600 m²
  • GFA Communication Line: 3,300 m²
  • GFA restaurant and conference area: 8,800 m²
  • Jobs: 3,000 (1,800 in the tower, 1,200 in the north span)