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How to write 1000 in short form

I've seen the obvious answer below: 1K

There are still a few more logical answers, however, when we look at the fact that your question was flagged under Creative Writing.

Sorry for the abstractness!

  1. The letter M for Roman numeric representation. This was the case in practice well into the 1920s, to also denote thousand in most publications and financial documents. Over time, however, this was replaced by K as M was used for million. Technically it should be a million MM, but it's hardly ever used that way. So a thousand were treated with the K [from the kilo].
  2. The number 1000 ITSELF is the short form. If you remember, we learned as children that “ten thousand four hundred three” is REALLY the number sometimes spelled as “ten thousand four hundred three”. In this example, the “short form” (according to the rules for thousand, hundred, ten, units) is “10403”. Sometimes ‘Zero Hundreds’ and Zero Tens ’were also used to indicate the lack of digits in Hundreds and Tens. So “1000” is the short form of “one thousand” or “one thousand”.
  3. ‘Thou’ is seldom used and mostly used under the influence of alcohol I think. [Or from Shakespeare majors who just want to see the world burn]


Roman numerals

The way we write numbers using Hindu Arabic numerals is hardly the only way to do it. Many civilizations used other means of designating numbers. For example, the Romans represented numbers with the digits I, V, X, L, C, D, and M. These digits represent the following numbers:

Roman numeral

the answer is m

0,1 × 10 ^ 4

Or for extra coolness

{(Pi) ^ 2 × (Pi) ^ - 2} * {(1k / 9k) × (0.9 × 10 ^ 4).

You can impress / irritate people with the above, but shorthand is,

K, only K. (K = 1000)

E.g. 1 K = 1000

2K = 2000 and so on.

You can use scientific notation when using e. It consists of 2 parts and is very useful in many cases.


The expression -6.8287e-001 can also be used as -6.8287 x 10-1 or -6.8287 * 10 ^ (- 1) can be written which means -6.8287 must be multiplied by 10 to the power of -1.

To convert to the number format used daily, just write the first part and the number after 'e' is the power of 10.

1000 can therefore be written as 1e3.

cool isn't it?

1K .... And it doesn't get any shorter than that ... There are many characters in different languages ​​to denote 1,000 in a single character, such as:

  • Roman - M
  • Greek - X
  • Chinese - 一千
  • Hebrew - English
  • Native Japanese - 千
  • Latin - M

For all practical purposes, 1K is what everyone understands worldwide.


If you see three zeros together, just replace them with that"K" to write the shorter form.

Yes, you read it right .

Because it is aAbbreviation for a thousand.It comes from the international system of units (SI).

Let me show you some examples -

  • 1000 = 1K
  • 10000 = 10K
  • 100000 = 100 KB

Similarly, you can write it for more values.

PS: - Don't use it anywhere. Use it carefully. Maybe your old educator doesn't like it.

Use only - K and smart people will understand. You don't even have to use 1 or 1k for this.

logic - 1000 is the first number in the thousands series, so we can write K or 1K, it all means the same thing. For other numbers in this series we can use 2k, 3k… etc. in short form 2000, 3000.

But for 1000, the smart short form can only be a simple conversation killer (forbids me to do that) - ‘ K ‘.

You can write 1000 as 10 * 10 * 10 or 10's dice.

1000 - K

or you can also write it as M as they all have the same meaning and value.


for the general i use 1K as 1000 and it saves me a little, i prefer not to use any other language code or roman poman code that cannot be understood and neither the symbol is on the keyboard, keep it simple, keep it short

1000 = 1K

10000 = 10K

100000 = 100 K or 1 L

1000000 = 1M

99 out of 100 people I've gotten this with and this seems to be the general code for the number.

I hate putting 0000 on the end. You really have to concentrate that hard to read how many there are.

You can't write 1,000 shortest as 1k.

Yes! A thousand can be written in many ways, but the simplest and shortest form can only be 1k. Basically I've seen this form only used for monetary terms, but I think we can use this too.


The most widely accepted and popular term is “1K”. Or, if you want to be more specific, it could even be “K” where K is 1000 and adds 1,2,3, or any number that just explains how many thousands it is.

However, you can also use the Roman number "M" for 1000

You can write 1,000 as 1k.

k is an abbreviation for kilos. The prefix kilo stands for 1000. For example, kilometer is 1000 meters. Kilograms is 1,000 grams, so the number is sometimes represented in non-standard notation by replacing the last three zeros of the general number with " k ”: For example 1k (or 1k ) for 1,000.

For example, when someone wants to say their salary is 10,000. You can use as 10k.

The word thousand has some common abbreviations. The most common abbreviations for thousand are K, M, Grand. So you can write 1k or 1m or 1 grand instead of 1000. This abbreviation is only used in certain non-academic writings. In most cases, the abbreviation “M” is used for settings that deal with money and finance, e.g. B. Banking and corporate accounting records. “K” is a rather random abbreviation, where “M” is used as an abbreviation for thousand and goes back to the Roman number system, where “M” was the symbol for thousand. It is still used in cases like CPM or cost per 1000 impressions.

Simply 1k. Why don't you start reading good content that will expand your knowledge base? Just follow InVeronica and enrich your thoughts with practical and valuable topics


This word is currently used by anyone who only uses this format in IT sectors and universities. College Flex or College Poster: Most of the time this word is just used .1k is the shortest form of a thousand. Represent kilos in the metric system. K is an abbreviation for kilos. The prefix kilo stands for 1000. For example, kilometer is 1000 meters. Kilograms is 1,000 grams, so the number is sometimes represented in non-standard notation by replacing the last three zeros of the general number with “k”: for example 1k (or 1k ) for 1,000.

1k is the shortest way to write 1000 in English.

So, if you write 1,000 in English, it is the correct answer.

But in numeric digits it can be as 10 ^ 3 to be written as the shortest.

If you want to write 1000 in short form

Answer is "k"

For example: - Suppose A earns 10,000 rupees per month

In short, we can say that A is making 10K per month.

Many Thanks

Because Amaravati is in the center of Andhra Pradesh and equidistant from the remote districts of Rayalaseema and the northern coastal districts of AP. It has historical significance.

You can use 1,000 as 1k write in short form. K in ‘1k’ is kilos (10 ^ 3), which equals a thousand.

So we can 50,000 than 50,000 write .


You can use 1000 as 10 ^ 3 write (10 to the power of 3)

10 ^ 3 = 10 × 10 × 10 = 1000.

1000 in short?

What can be less than four digits? Possibly 1 character. Let me try

In Chinese?

(Image source - Chinese number system - Writing Chinese numbers)

Han character?

In Tamil?

(Image Source - Tamil Numeration System: Learn Tamil Numbers to Decipher Inscriptions)

In Roman numerals?M.

For us Quorane?K

(Image source - Bits & Bytes)

1000 or K has a special meaning here.

Received thousands of views.

Got a thousand positive votes.

Got a thousand followers.

All of these are special moments, that's why we emphasize K.

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