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For the eleventh time this March, St. Johann in Tirol will mutate into the center of the international jazz avant-garde for three days. From March 11th to 13th, a colorful and divergent as well as harmoniously put together concert program attracts visitors from all over Europe to the market town of St. Johann in Tyrol, which at that time was usually saturated with snow and ice sports.

Impromusik runs as a red thread through the program. There are brute things for curious ears - such as the Einstürzende-Neubauten drummer F.M. Unity and the bassist Massimo Zu - as well as chamber music - such as in the duo of the two great bassists Joelle Léandre and Wilbert De Joode. Experimental and cross-disciplinary - such as in the new project by trumpeter Franz Hautzinger, who comes with three vocal performers - Isabelle Duthoit, Steve Gander and Christian Reiner. In addition, Frances-Marie Uitti is the grande dame of contemporary cello playing, as well as some of the most important representatives of current jazz music, such as the alto saxophonist Oliver Lake, trombonist Steve Swell and tuba player Per-Ake Holmlander.

artacts'11 returns for another year of thrilling live performances and artist appearances in the amazing premises of the Alte Gerberei in the little Tyrolean town of St Johann. artacts program director and co-founder Hans Oberlechner is very excited of this year's program with Impro Music being the central theme. A total of 30 artists will perform during the three days festival introducing various new projects. “Einstürzende Neubauten” drummer F.M. Einheit and Zu bassist Massimo Zu will appear as well as Joelle Léandre and Wilbert de Joode. Franz Hautzinger on the trumpet will be on stage with the three vocal performers Isabelle Duthoit, Steve Gander and Christian Reiner.
artacts has a long tradition of experimental music with artists from different backgrounds mingling on stage. The smallness of the place combined with the great enthusiasm of all people involved makes artacts such a unique and lovable festival on the international music calender for Jazz and Improvised Music. A commitment to celebrating new work and young experimental artists ensures that the festival never stands still and continous to receive international coverage with audiences and performers drawn from across Europe and the US.

6 p.m .:
Club of performing sound artists (A)

7 p.m .:
Pasolenha (S, USA, A, D)

8.45 p.m .:
F.M. Unity & Massimo Pupillo (D, I)

10.30 p.m .:
Uitti / Braida / De Joode (USA, I, NL)

Club of performing sound artists (A)
Werner Raditschnig - electropolycord, electronics, idea, concept, composition
Gerhard Laber - percussion, idea, concept, composition

With Werner Raditschnig and Gerhard Laber, two musicians open the middle day of the festival who - under the name Tauto and at the invitation of the very active youth center creatique - made a guest appearance in St. Johann in the spring of 1986! As one of the first encounters with conceptual improvised music, this evening long past may have been felt by many concert-goers as pointing the way.

Werner Raditschnig, born in Villach with the center of his life in Salzburg, studied double bass and guitar at the Mozarteum Music Academy as well as live electronic composition with Andor Losonczy. For over 30 years he has been working with some of the most important protagonists of Austrian contemporary experimental music, such as Elfi Aichinger, Susanne Lohmayer, Wolfgang Mitterer, Bertl Mütter, Gunter Schneider, Mia Zabelka. In addition, Raditschnig himself develops new electronic instruments, such as the electropolycord, deals intensively with various electronic practices and sculptural music and also acts regularly as a curator of festivals in the field of electronic and experimental music.

Gerhard Laber's percussion game is characterized by touching sensitivity, an almost infinite variety of sounds and a keen sense for correspondence with his playing partners. In his performances he uses the most difficult percussive sound sources, some of which he has developed himself. Gerhard Laber also works in interdisciplinary projects, in the video sound installation 16! 33 !! 45 !!! 78 !!!! + 1, for example, together with the filmmaker Herrmann Peseckas and using analog turntables as loop machines, or with the Salzburg cabaret artist Christian Wallner, who died last year.

Werner Raditschnig and Gerhard Laber will perform their composition In the Middle of the Moment - an interim solution. A sound-noise continuum in the large form provides the framework for manifold fraying in the interactive process of the two sound performers. The middle of the moment stands for the actual decision-making process when and how to intervene in the continuing structure. The listeners experience acoustic fields of tension that cling to the head like lingering moments of perception as a memory, as if time had stood still for this moment.


Pasolenha (S, USA, A, D)
Sofia Jernberg - extended vocals
Audrey Chen - extended cello
Hans Falb - extended used and abused turntables
Paul Lovens - selected and unselected drums, percussion

"No leaders in the band - no government in the world!" Sofia Jernberg's statement may serve as the program for the music of this newly founded quartet, which is playing in this combination for the first time. The international band cheekily defies traditional genre boundaries. Contemporary improvised music with four equal protagonists, the consistent renunciation of the principle of leadership, the joint development of the songlines and arcs of tension is concept enough. Music that penetrates from the ear canals directly under the skin and into the mind.

The extraordinary singer Sofia Jernberg, of Ethiopian origin, grew up in Vietnam and is a Swedish citizen, stylistically oscillates between new music, jazz, avant-garde, between her role models Diamanda Galas and Phil Minton. In 2000 she received the Royal Academy of Music Jazz Award for innovative and uncompromising art for her work. In addition to her intensive collaboration with Lene Grenager, she leads, among other things. together with the pianist Cecilia Persson the extremely successful group Paavo.

Audrey Chen takes over the part of the cellist Lene Grenager, who fell ill for a short time. Soon after her classical training on cello and voice, the Chinese-American thoroughbred musician embarked on new musical paths towards her own individual aesthetics. By including self-built analog synthesizers and the constant search for new techniques, she developed a very personal, unmistakable musical language. In addition to solo projects, Audrey Chen works with some of the most outstanding proponents of the contemporary improv scene, such as Phil Minton, Elliot Sharp, Jerome Noetinger, Le Quan Ninh, Joe, McPhee and Michel Doneda. Extensive tours have taken her to Europe, Russia, Australia, China, Japan, Canada and the USA.

Hans Falb, DJ and autodidact at the turntables, collected initial ideas in the Viennese electronic scene of the 90s, above all Christof Kurzmann, Pita and Fennesz. DJ Olive and Loop as well as "Years of rehearsals in the loneliness of the basement of the Nickelsdorfer Jazzgalerie until the early morning" encourage him to his first stage appearances and culminated in the wonderful hardcore noise band Blast of Silence with Marco Eneidi, Philip Quehenberger, DD Kern and Werner Möbius. Further collaborations followed, among others. with Joelle Léandre, Georg Graewe, Roscoe Mitchell; John Lindberg, Harrison Bankhead, Tristan Honsinger Fred Lonber-Holm and Butch Morris in his Conduction # 142.

And then one more thing Paul Lovens - for more than 40 years on the road on all stages of the world, one of the really big ones! Without ever having given drum lessons, he is without a doubt one of the most stylish musicians worldwide, and not just on his instrument! His playing partners read like a who's who in improv and free jazz, perhaps only the Schlippenbach Trio, which has been in existence since 1970, and its collaborations with Cecil Taylor that stand out in its countless projects.


F.M. Unity & Massimo Pupillo (D, I)
FM unit - extended percussion, electronics
Massimo Pupillo - electric bass, electronics

After a first encounter in the experimental / metal band Black Engine and the joint appearance with the Trio Zu in St. Peterburg, the idea of ​​an avant-garde duo with electric or electronic bass and industrial percussion firmly established itself in the minds of two sound tinkerers . In the minds of two musical field researchers who, on their travels through their worlds of sound, like few others, simply don't give a damn about conventional traditions. This is how F.M. Unity and Massimo Pupillo with joy and energy through musical phenomena such as Ambient, Drony, Noise, spiced with meditative interjections as well as with eruptive outbursts that nobody can easily escape from. The two not only guarantee an unforgettable musical experience, their physical expression and their sheer manic work alone ensure a unique stage work of art.

As a percussionist shaped F.M. unit For almost a decade and a half the sound of the legendary band Einstürzende Neubauten played a decisive role. During this time he increasingly experimented on stage with self-made metal constructions, hammer drills and building tools, installations with fire and - above all - playing with destruction became part of his performances. In addition, FM Einheit worked with musicians such as Diamanda Galas, Pan Sonic, Ulrike Haage, developed solo projects and was a member of the bands Gry and Stein.

Massimo Pupillo has been one of the fixed stars of the experimental avant-garde and free scene for two decades. After his first international successes with the band Gronge (until 1997), he and two of his bandmates founded the power trio Zu, undoubtedly one of the most exciting noise and independent ensembles of the past decade. Since then, Massimo has played with some of the biggest in the free and avant-garde scene, such as Mats Gustafsson, Peter Brözmann, Ken Vandermark, Dälek, Mike Patton, Hamid Drake, The Melvins and Faith No More.


Uitti / Braida / De Joode (I, F, NL)
Frances-Marie Uitti - cello
Alberto Braida - piano
Wilbert De Joode - double bass

Frances-Marie Uitti, an experimental cellist from Chicago who is entirely dedicated to the avant-garde, after years of experimentation she had two bows made in 1975, which she can hold in her right hand at the same time, with which she can strike the strings from above and below and thus play polyphonically. In doing so, she opened up completely new sound spaces for the cello, becoming a duo in one person, as it were. No wonder that the avant-garde composers wanted to penetrate these new sound spaces. Frances-Marie Uitti, who was particularly close friendship with Giancinto Scelsi, was able to premiere hundreds of cello compositions by contemporary composers - from Andriessen to Zimmermann - and has thus earned a legendary place among the world's leading cellists. In addition, Uitti repeatedly worked with the greatest in jazz and improv, such as Elliot Sharp, Mark Dresser, Vinko Globokar, Guus Janssen, Misha Mengelerg and Evan Parker. "Frances-Marie Uitti is very much the Grande Dame of the avant-garde" (BBC Music Magazine)

pianist Alberto Braida is one of the pioneers of free music in Italy. Appearances at several of the most important international festivals, collaborations with musicians such as Liz Albee, John Butcher, John Edwards, Hans Koch, Peter Kowald, Paul Lovens, Paul Lytton, Wadada Leo Smith, Edoardo Marraffa or Larry Ochs resulted in numerous CD releases. There is already an intensive collaboration between Braida and the great one starting in 2005 Wilbert De Joode (see Joëlle & Wilbert) back. Their very intense, dense, lyrical as well as powerful musical encounters are now also documented on the duo CD reg erg.

For the newly founded trio with cellist Frances-Marie Uitti, which will appear for the first time at artacts '11, completely new tonal and dynamic possibilities are now opening up. Improvised chamber music at the very highest level makes gourmets click their tongues.