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Together with Gwendolyn (Gwen for short) you discover a world full of warriors, suffering and death, but also magic and gods play a very important role. More important than it seems.

Gwen is a gypsy, she touches things and sees visions or feels the emotions associated with them. While everyone else on your new, unwanted, school is strong warrior, Spartan, Amazone or something else. She just feels out of place, she is nobody compared to the others and they make Gwen feel that too.

But then something happens, something big, bad - but it seems normal to the others. So the young girl takes on the task of finding out the big why and thereby learns more than she would like.

The feelings of the protagonists are perfectly conveyed. Despite the special topic, you can easily read along and don't have to look up who God is, as it is often explained directly or you should be clueless.

The tension in the book is very strong in some places and a little weaker in others, but I hardly put the book down. I found it very unfortunate that certain sentences were repeated very often, so that it was a bit annoying, while other very interesting topics were only touched on briefly once. Maybe these will be examined further in the further parts, I cannot say that at this point in time.

All in all a great book for fantasy beginners and a good start to the series. Hence 3/5 stars