How do I learn team management

Team management: 13 ways to be trustworthy as a leader

The Team management, just like daily life, teach us the importance of gaining trust. When we treat other people well, it is easier to get the respect we want. Take note of this 13 tips:

1. Be humble

Being self-important can not only damage your reputation, it can demotivate your entire team. Do not play yourself, do not bore the others with your stories about student life, about awards or your personal achievements. Your best advertisement is Humility.

2. Be proactive!

Go ahead, do things yourself. Do not wait for instructions from others. Team management also includes developing problem-solving skills. Take action proactive, about credibility in your team and Respect as a leader to win.

3. Show commitment

Show that through your work Sense of responsibility, that you have taken over with your company, your team and the goals. Work hard, act, be interested in the work of other departments, in what each and every one of your employees does, ask, get involved ...

4. Keep your promises

Keeping what you promise is a guarantee of trustworthiness towards other people. Breaking any contract or arrangement means that trust to abuse other people. Don't make promises if you don't know whether you can keep the promises or get things done. Take a look at this 5 Successful Rules for Learning to Work in a Team and Build Trust.

5. Help your team develop

Give your team the opportunity to distinguish themselves and gain experience. Great leaders do everything they can to ensure that their team grows. Human resource management means to help the group develop and get better.

6. Don't waste your time

The respect for the other's time is fundamental to good team management. If your employees notice that you are interrupting them, arriving late, getting lost in superficiality, or disregarding their breaks, they will lose respect for you.

7. Maintain your balance

If you want to be respected by your people, you have to learn maintain a balance between delegating tasks and undue interference. The strength of good team management lies in the golden mean.

8. Don't pay attention to gossip

We all have our strengths and weaknesses and have to put up with criticism from time to time. As a leading person, you have to resist the temptation to speak badly of others, always act as if they were standing in front of you. This will be yours trustworthiness strengthen.

9. Tell your team what you want them to do

Your employees need to know which ones expectations You have to it. Tell them what you want from their work so that they can set specific goals and get the most out of themselves. This will help you get respected.

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10. Act conscientiously

One of the easiest ways to gain respect and lead your team successfully is to act conscientiously. Set a good example: Do your job, finish your tasks on time and finish what you started.

11. Reward good work

A classic in human resource management: never forget the importance of Reward your team's good work. A simple thank you, an invitation to dinner, a small gift. There are many ways to reward your team.

12. Learn to say "no"

Sometimes you win with you "No" trustworthiness rather than always agreeing to everything. Don't feel guilty if you ever have to say no, just do it.

13. Control your emotions

Team leadership is not an easy endeavor. You will often find it difficult Control your emotions and keep your temper in checkbut if you overreact too often it can negatively affect your human resource management. Keep calm in stressful situations, this will show you respect.

How do you gain your credibility in the team?