Why do spammers call and hang up?

Why is my phone calling?

You hear your phone ring and look down, see who it is when you see your own name appear as the Caller ID. Are you calling yourself from the future? Maybe just a breakdown with your cell phone? The latter is far more possible, but there are several other options as well.

It's likely a spam caller

Here's the most likely scenario: it's just a spammer or telemarketer spoofing the caller ID.

Instead of showing their own phone number on your phone, Caller ID: Shows your own phone number to hide theirs. It doesn't seem intuitive as it might raise more eyebrows, but they bet you're more likely to pick up the phone when the caller ID is "unknown", "private caller", or even your own phone number than when it says "telemarketing." , Inc ".

While their phone number may be blacklisted, your own phone number is definitely not. This is a clever way to bypass that roadblock.

You may even have seen phone numbers calling you that are very similar to your own, and may differ by just a digit or two. This is another spoofing method as well. On the other end, there's likely a spammer or telemarketer.

Or it could just be a bug

Of course, there could also be several different ways your phone could accidentally call itself, and sometimes it could just be a bug in the software.

A user says that someone called him while he was on the phone with someone else and instead of switching to the new call and putting the current caller on hold, he ended the call, prompting his own phone to call itself.

This can happen with VoIP phones as well, if so, dialing a number and then hanging up may drop the call and the phone will call itself instead. This is likely because the phone knew to make a call but didn't know who to call. Hence it calls itself.

If you have an iPhone, Siri has the ability to call your own phone. You can do this on purpose by telling Siri to call itself. So there is always a possibility that Siri could hear something wrongly what you are saying and call your own phone, especially if you have Hey Siri enabled where he is always waiting for a command.

In no case do not answer it

Whatever the cause, the best course of action is just not to respond. After all, it probably is Not You from the future so you won't miss an important call if you don't answer it. Answering your phone with your own number listed as a caller ID is nothing good or valuable.

There are of course a few exceptions. You may need to purposely call your own number when setting up your voicemail or accessing certain provider settings.

You can also call yourself to get out of a meeting or credit a bad appointment with a service called IFTTT. However, it uses its own phone number to call your phone whenever you need it.

Photo credit: Jon Phillips / Flickr